Worst luck ever?

So I've had bleeds in my left eye, right? The last one I had was disappearing. Evidently it was being reabsorbed, so nothing needed to be done with it. Well last night I was sick. I puked, had the chills, all that lovely stuff. No big deal, right? I didn't think so until after I puked a couple times, then noticed more bleeds/spots/veils in my left eye's field of vision. Are you kidding me? I just get to be feeling okay about the last bleed I have (and get an all clear for 6 months from the ophthalmologist this past week) and now just because I had to heave my guts out my damned eye is bleeding again. Seriously??? I am trying not to let myself just go insane over this. I couldn't help being sick! Why why WHY!!!

Sounds very frustrating. Please see the eye doc as soon as you can, and it sounds reassuring that you did not need laser on the first one. I have read that these small hemorrhages are sometimes called "nuisance bleeds".
I am a retinopathy survivor (10 years ago) and know how frightening and frustrating it can be and puts you into the "one thing after another" mindset.
Please let us know how things turn out.
All my best to you.

This is an opthamologist emergency call. Nothing to allow to wait. Best of luck.Nancy

I went to the ophthalmologist on Monday, and right now he's just gonna let it go for a month or so and then check it out again. At that point if it hasn't cleared up I may be in for a vitrectomy, which I've been having panic attacks about because I've been thinking too much about it. Positive thoughts, right?

Sending healing vibes your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When any of my body parts hurt, and especially if I'm straining (i.e. your heaving) I hold myself with one or both hands to protect that fragile body part (often my lower back, but it can be almost any body part, it seems). I consider I'm doing that "laying of the hands" healing new agey thing, but I think it also truly protects & supports fragile body parts). Stay calm, best of luck and I hope the best for you!