Worst OB ever

I am Type 1 diabetic with my 2nd child and about half way. Did anyone have significant problems with a high risk OB or did you see a regular OB? I saw the same doctor for both up until now and have noticed they have major issues with understanding type 1 diabetes. I am switching to start seeing my endo and possibly a low risk doctor. Anyone out there have a great pregnancy experience with their OB?

I had a regular obe and atm endocrinologist for both my pregnancies. The obe would ask me if my bs was fine, and I’d say yes and we’d move on. Saw my endo monthly. I did have pretty good control and like to self manage sho this suited me fine.

I have a high risk doctor and see my endo about once a month-ish.

Seems like a problem if your OB doesn’t understand your diabetes! A reason to consider seeing a different high risk doctor is for increased monitoring (they will do more fetal growth ultrasounds than a regular OB - and fetal size can be directly related to bg management).

I like my high risk doctors a lot, they are extremely knowledgeable. The nurses at this practice, on the other hand… I feel like they have NO idea what they’re talking about.

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that you feel safer with getting high risk oversight on growth. I am thinking though- my first child was 6 pounds, 11 ounces- maybe that won’t be a factor for this pregnancy with good blood sugar management? I wish there was just more information and support out there to know the right thing to do! I am trying to go off my last pregnancy- which also had ups and downs with my care.