Would you rather?

I was just curious, would you rather be a healthy diabetic or an unhealthy person without diabetes? I’m only asking as I’ve been type 1 for six months now and although it’s been a struggle at times I feel im in better physical shape than I was this time last year. An example I play football (soccer) and this time last year I was one of those players who’d do his part on the pitch but thank the lord when I was either subbed or the match ended. At the moment I feel fitter and I’ve noticed when I play I’m box to box chasing everything down and basically feeling better when playing. I know it’s.only early days for myself with diabetes and the complication cloud is an unwelcome prospect but are there not upsides to being forced to live a healthier lifestyle?

I'd rather be healthier than unhealthy with or without D. I do eat much more mindfully now, and find that I do best on a very low carb way of eating.

I'm sure you're feeling a whole lot better than you were 6 months ago - I assume that your blood sugars are much closer to normal, so your body can function much better. Have you worked out your split doses?

It IS a pain to have to take over for your pancreas, and a steep learning curve. Complications are not inevitable! Sounds as if you're doing really well for only 6 months in.

id rather be unhealthy without D because i would be able to get fit with a better diet and exercise. t1 ill have forever and no matter what i do im stuck with it.

I’m not too bad at the moment thanks for asking. My blood sugars seem fine and within the normal range most of the time, I get the odd high or low occasionally but these aren’t massive highs or lows and for the moment are easily rectified. It’s still early days at the moment though so I’ll see how I get on.