Good news this week

got my a1c results this week. I am now 6.0 down from 12.9 at diagnosis in april. feeling much better now

What a fantastic step forward ...congratulations . I can well imagine, that you fell much , much better !

WOW I bet you feel a lot better! What an accomplishment!

Wow! That's an impressive drop in such a short time. Congrats! I'm glad that you are feeling better. It's onward and keeping reasonably level now. Keep up the good work. :)

Congratulations! Good work in a short time!

Great job!

That's darn near 7 point no matter how you look at it. Great job!!!!!Sounds to me like things have been very focused in you life.

Gary S

I can understand that concern ::::looking around house at hobbies I started and abandoned:::::
But I think a couple forces can contribute to making this experience different: First and foremost of course is the necessity; the consequences of ignoring Type 1 Diabetes are severe and threatening to our health and even our life.

But I also think it's important to develop a good attitude to make good D care part of our lives on an ongoing basis. First of all is the understanding that it's not a sprint it's a marathon. So the intensity with which you approached the first 6 months with all the things you had to learn and the necessity of getting your BG down just will lessen as time goes on.Then there is the whole thing about habits and routine; you will just do certain things automatically as a part of your day, the same as brushing your teeth or getting dressed. It has to be sustainable and I think this idea naturally leads to balance. We all set our goals in different places according to "how hard we are willing to work to get an A"! Also some of us have a D that is naturally more conducive to stable numbers or one which is hard to keep stable. So based on all those factors and numerous other ones in our own personal lifestyles we make choices. For example, I'm a vegetarian and that's important to me. As a vegetarian it's extremely hard to go very low carb; plus cooking and varied cuisines are one of my biggest pleasures. So I make that choice. I'm also pretty constitutionally opposed to exercise lol so that is a choice as well. Other people have job, career or family constraints that come into play with how they manage their D. Perhaps most significantly many people with D have financial constraints, though the ones that are the most severe, sadly are not often on here. So we make choices based on all those things and we find balance in developing a D management program that can be sustained for the long haul.

Will that program look differently than what you've done for the last 6 months? Probably. Will it change again at some point in your D life? Most likely! And that's ok. What else is life about than growing and changing!

One specific thing I'd like to suggest and I'm not the only one to talk about this of course is the importance of not letting your life be consumed by D management. Maybe for this first period of time with all the new things to learn you shown the light of your attention nearly exclusively on this new problem in your life. But in the long run it's important to do the things you love in life and not let D interfere with them any more than absolutely necessary. Is that easy? Hardly! But I think it's very important. I also really value contact with other Type 1's who truly understand. Where would we all be without TuD! But I also think it's enormously helpful to make contact with others in your area for support, understanding and shared information.

OOPS!! I accidentally deleted my last message while trying to add to it.Thanks so much Zoe for your words and advice, I try and have a good attitude but its so hard at times and I find it hard not to let my diabetes take over everything but I am working on it. Currently I have lots of support from my doctor and diabetes nurse and my dietician, eventually i will meet others here dealing with diabetes too.

Great job congrats on such a drop, very impressive!!