Wow what a doctors visit

Well went to the doctor and my A1C was 7.5 WTH ???
I knew I was having a lot of highs because we have been adjusting my insulin for my eating low carb but I did not expect it to be that high . Then they wrote my test strips for only 150 a month instead of the 300 I need

But what really got us was all the crap we got when they found out I was doing low carb WOW they were saying I should not be eating a lot of protein it would make my CDL or something go up And I would have to take meds and that I needed carbs to grow and all I have to does take more insulin .
What the heck I want to take less insulin!!

Another question is since I just started my really low carb like 50 a day could that have messed up my A1C? What have halls doc said about low carb?

Personally I wouldn't listen to any doctor about low carb because they are often very ignorant and very biased against it. You are doing what works for you, and is safely and effectively followed by many others so just get used to doing what many of us do: Smile and nod politely (and ignore them). Hopefully your parents are not swayed by the doctor's nonsense!

Now the test strips are another story! Is 300 what you have been getting? If so, why did they reduce it to 150?? I would definitely confront this issue telling them that you need the 300!

As for the A1C, did it match the average in your meter? I wouldn't let it bother you because like you said you were working on adjusting for your new diet, and as long as your numbers are coming back into line you will get a better # next time. it's just a number!

yes mam my mom eats low carb too so she pretty much told her LOL I think they just wrote the prescription wrong because they know I use alot cause I just started driving .My average on my meter was kinda high I just was not expecting that high but it was still pretty good

My doctor endorses low carb; he says it will keep my blood sugars more in line. He wrote the book on insulin pumps and is in charge of that at the Joslin Clinic, so he knows what he's talking about. Eating protein and other foods can make your Hdl rise, but there are other things to eat (like guacamole and other stuff) to counteract and lower that. And yes, the idea is to take less insulin, provided it's enough to keep your blood sugars in line. As for A1c, I find my meter averages .3 to .5 lower than the corresponding A1c. Frustrating, but. . . . 7.5 isn't that bad and you'll get it down.

I guess I need ideas of other stuff I don’t like a lot of different foods the only vegtables i eat is the pring mix salad .we figured up what I eat in a day I am eating about 1200 -1500 calories 100 grams of protein and 20-50 carbs a day my mom said do y’all think that is enough food

Go back and request the strips you need. Many docs are now using computer programs that "decide" the normal dose. Since so many diabetics are T2s it happens when the computer program makes assumptions. Check scrips before you leave for accuracy!

Are you hungry? If you're full and satisfied and your health and energy levels are good than it's enough food! If not, then you need to add to it. Can't imagine how you do that low carb with only spring mix salad (the only kind of salad greens I like too - keep that iceberg stuff!). Do you eat tons of protein? (I've never counted grams so have no idea what 100 grams of protein is. What else could you be eating?

Never hesitate to tell them what exactly it is you need when getting prescriptions. You're the one dealing with this disease every day, so you're the one who knows what it is that you need. Testing before driving is a good thing; if they give you any grief about it, just ask them to document your medical records that they are telling you it's ok to drive without testing, and that you'll be sure that any lawsuit resulting from your death or the death of someone else because you drove while low will be directed to their office.

As for low carbing - if it works and you're seeing better BGs, it's a good thing. Know your body and do what makes you feel better and gets you the results you want to see.

Your BGs should not be high with low carb unless the BGs are getting lower than you think due to dosing too high and your liver is spewing out glucose to get you out of a low. I'd take one food & portion at a time, find out what its carbs really are, test before, test after, and nail your insulin to carb ratio for each part of the day. Always different.
GO AFTER THE PRESCRIPTION for strips. Absolutely tell them you're driving and want to be SAFE and you'll hound them until you have it.
Regarding the low carb: Some doctors don't keep up.
My own endo is very supportive of my low carbing. My internist would go nuts if he knew.

my endo is a dinosaur and i got the same alarmist reaction from her and her dietician. i agree with zoe, they are ignorant and biased and their judgement regarding low carb diets should be taken with a grain of salt. smiling and nodding and not even mentioning the low carbing works a treat and i leave the office less frustrated. its good that your mom is supportive (and low carbing, too).
my gp doesnt know much about t1 but says that as long as my numbers are good and that i feel good, then keep doing what im doing.

in addition to getting your insulin adjusted, puberty is supposed to be hellish on bgs. it may be that its taking a bit longer to get things in line because of puberty.

if youre not big into veggies but miss mashed potato, you could try a cauliflour mash. i just tried it last week, got the recipe off the inet, and it was awesome. i threw in some garlic and it was heaven-i ate a bucket load! thats not too carby!

good luck!

100g of prot is great - however - how big are you? you are growing it may not hurt to get 130-140g of prot- also see if you can’t find a way to throw some other fresh veggies down your body- (I used to hate broccoli but now that I cut 99% processed food out it tastes better) also to bump up your Kcal eat some fats (like said above avocados) nuts - use oil to cook your eggs - eat the fatty cuts of meat (like a good rib-eye) in the morning love your bacon and sausage---I keep my carbs in the 20-50g a day range but I eat like 3000 cals (I am very active and huge {6'4" 230lbs and built like a dump truck}) I find that if I am eating enough fat I never get hungry and my BS levels off

I agree with Pwanted old school doc's freak and say don’t doo that- but my doc told me the same thing - "your BS has never been better you've lost wt. your happy I say keep doing it"

Peter Attia, M.D., is the co-founder and President of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI)
and Gary Taubes Author of "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and "Why We Get Fat"
have exposed how we got so turned around in thinking we need all of our grains and carbs- they say if you really look into the science we are better off low carb and eating natural meat and fat and veggies

as for the young man stage in life I was a very new T1 and a ignorant punk who would kill himself for wrestling (went 2 wks without insulin and fought lows because of how much I worked out {4x’s a day} and how low carb I ate) then in summer I would gain 15lbs from lazy days and high carb box cereal –so sorry nothing good to give advise

I am not big I wish I was 6’4 LOL I am a shrimp next to you. I am 5’8 and I weigh about 160-165
They also told me I was going to get any taller I am not 17 yet .my brother and my dad said I am not through growing .LOL I hope they are right

My mom got my strips changed to the correct. Amouunt even thought they achy like it is too many I said on a great day I check 3 meals plus bedtime and 2 times for my car ride going and coming . So that is 6 strips then you have to count errors lows check before exercise and after . Don’t they know just having the D is enough LOL

yah at 17 I was 6'2" so you still have some to grow - I did not real get "strong" until 24-25 that’s when I finally got my "adult muscle" I guess I am late bloomer- at 27 now I feel I am at my prime - don’t listen to that shrimp stuff - I hit my head on everything- and I can’t fit into a lot of cars well and I can never sit in the back of cars- also when growing up I had really bad knees from being too big - 5'8" 160 sounds not too shabby