Wrong Pump Supplies

OK whoelse has had this problem? I went to bed last night and in the middle of the night I woke up and was running Hi on my bg meter. I went to get my pump supplies that I had kept in the box that they came in and to my horror I found that they had shipped 2 boxes of the Paradime and 2 boxes of the old stuff I used for the 508. Yes I know I should have cheked it right after it came in but I had never had this trouble before with MM and really didn’t think I would have it at all but guess I was wrong. When I called MM this morning at like 9:30 The lady was really nice and told me they would send out the right supplies that won’t get here till Monday. I was lucky enough to have had 1 more Paradime tubing. Thank God! It really scares me to run out of supplies maybe that’s just paranoid thinking. Honestly that was the 1st time in like 20 years that had happened with MM though.

Thank God another one whose going tru this! There for awhile I thought I was the only one! Flustrationg isn’t it!

Never had a problem with pump supplies (not on a pump), but once instead of shipping the pen needles I needed, the mail order place shipped me 300 lancets. I had to pull out the larger needles that came with my first “sample pen” till they got the order straight. That is pretty scary though, and one reason prescriptions by mail make me nervous.

Have you ever tried just using that needle and sticking yourself? When The meters and lancets 1st came out I really didn’t like the lancets and for years just stuck myself. Sounds barabaic don’t it? But they have made great advancements since then. My aunt found out she was Type 2 and they gave her a pen to cheack her bg and she couldn’t belive that I still put the lancet in my own finger with a stabing motion instead of using the oen to do it. I can understand why scrips by mail make you nervous. If I will own up to it that’s why I try to get my drugstore to order it for me. Then buy it from them for a little more.

This time they didn’t send me the needle for the insulin pens. Without them, I can’t take the insulin at all. That’s why I get nervous. It’s great that my insurance co. provides the needles, strips & lancets for free, but I have to go through their mail order service to get them. Unfortunately their mail order company really sucks! I have had more problems getting the right items, then I can say. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me too much, since the bill is riddled with misspellings also like “self-injestions”. I’m glad I read this post, because I actually need t re-order today. Hope they get it right this time.

Sorry I thought that you were talking about the bs lancets. I hope they get it right this time foryou too. I used the insulin needles to take my shots when my daughter got diabetes 8 years ago her Dr cane up with the pens. No telling how long they had been out there but that was the 1st I had heard of them. Needless to say my daughter thought I had lost my mind!

I started on the pump just over a month ago. I decided to go with the Medtronic Paradigm. So far I have been far from impressed with Medtronic. I have found that they are not upfront/honest and that they are out to make money from us diabetics. They are extremely frustrating to deal with.

Yes Lisa I too have found that that’s what their doing now. Used to before they sold out to another company (I think it’s Medtronics) they were great to deal with but here latley they’ve been acting like money is the only thing out there, not lives. I didn’t have a problem with them in the pasted 20 years till they sent the wrong supplies about a year ago and I called them and told them and they sent out the right ones which my insurance didn’t pay for and they wouldn’t send me any more til I payed for them. (long story) Ppl know they can make money from us because we want to live and we need the supplies to do that. Years ago when I took diabetes you could get a vial of insulin for 10 dollars now it’s 79-80 dollars for a vial. Oh for the good ole days!