People scare me!

SO now I am scared of my pump after some lady in the store decided to ask me about my pump and tell me that the MM par. 522 and 722 have non locking reservoirs that float and can cause over delivery!

Um can someone explain this to me is it real?

I did call MM and they said the only time they know of that it can over delivery is with massive magnetic interruption like an MRI but I knew that I am not sure what she meant but it scared me. :frowning:

Yeah I get it Dave and thank you. She just happen to tell me this on a day I am getting lots of low’s so that did not
help! I get so much site related BG deviation that it makes me wonder about what is not logical. Thanks for bringing back to reality.
Be loved and be well

Oh yes I remember the danger with my 507c.many moons ago. I don’t know why I have been going low today but I am sure it is not the over delivery scare she tried to imply. I don’t know why people do that. It happens when your pregnant also every horror story in the world people feel the need to tell you as you are waiting with held breath for the day your baby takes his or hers first one. It sure does not help anything. You do though so again Thank you
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I’ve heard that same story before but in the time I’ve been pumping with a Paradigm (3 1/2 years) I have not had a single reservoir problem and I haven’t read anything on any forum from a Paradigm user who had a problem. Some might report a leaky reservoir, maybe due to an o-ring problem, but I haven’t read anything about the whole reservoir twisting loose and floating. I’ve read far more complaints from people about problems with luer lock reservoirs.

Like Dave, I often twist my reservoir out to take a look at it (check for air bubbles, usually) and then I screw it back in. Takes maybe 3 seconds, and there’s no chance of that messing anything up. My CDE does it all the time, too.

Thanks Liz for telling me this. It was just the wrong thing to say on the wrong day. I have been working so hard to get my BG to stabilize and I still can’t hit normal without going low. Normally I would have blown it off but for some reason today it freaked me out:P silly me
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Interesting that Minimed spent a lot of time assuring users that the pump could not go on “overdrive” and mistakenly overbolus. You can set a max bolus and max basal, and they have the 24-hour deadman’s switch. Even without user error, it can’t malfunction and deliver a fatal bolus. If you drop it, stomp on it, or dunk it in water, the worst that can happen is that it won’t deliver insulin.
The real problem with a pump is not getting insulin, either due to user error (forgetting to bolus) or from the canula getting crimped, or the site going bad after 72 hours. They do have some warnings about testing frequently to make sure you are actually getting the insulin, but everyone is still focused on getting too much. No one should be worried about that.

Greg when the women told me this and I searched it I came up with this

"Be Careful Of Dislodged Reservoir Top

One design issue in the Paradigm pump involves the cap on the infusion set that connects it to the reservoir and also holds the reservoir in place. This cap with coarse threading is locked in place with a half turn and is kept in place by only a small indentation in the plastic cap near the end of the threading.

The Paradigm reservoir has nothing to hold it in place, so it floats on top of the advancing driver that normally pushes the plunger inside the reservoir forward. If the cap is noticed to be loose and then retightened with a half turn, most of the insulin that was not delivered during the time the cap was loose will suddenly be delivered. Unlike small amounts of insulin that might be delivered if a Luer lock connection is retightened, this half turn can deliver doses as large as 15 to 20 units, depending on how long the loose cap went unnoticed. Not realizing that this large bolus has already been delivered, the user may proceed to give an additional correction bolus for the high blood sugar. The two large overlapping boluses could cause a severe low blood sugar"

from this article

but I found so many errors in the article like it saying the bolus wizard does not take into account IOB, mine sure does that I came here to ask. This kind of reporting scares people I think. What do you think?

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Dave didn’t you think the review above of the paradigm 522 and 722 was a bit wacky? I looked at the other reviews and none of them were like that it made me think someone had an issue with MM.

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Well I hadn’t heard of that one. But like Dave says, it sure sounds uncommon. And to echo (again) what he says here, there certainly is a danger of forgetting to disconnect before rewinding, priming or meddling with the reservoir in any way. It looks like MiniMed included a special screen to warn you about disconnecting before you could do a manual prime.
But again, this isn’t a technical problem with the device itself or some design error that leads to massive overbolusing by most users.

tidbit of info… Minimed now sends a slide lock that fits on top of the pump. It holds the reservoir in place… I have had my pump for 2 weeks so this might be a fix to the problem described above.

Yay Cathy your right I just need to be a thicker skinned when it comes to health stuff.

Thanks everyone you all put it in perspective for me.

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did she even have diabetes?

I don’t know Lyla I never got a chance to ask her let alone ask her why she felt the need to invade my world. It was just a ransom event as the wrong time when I was already feeling a bit bent. :slight_smile: over it now :slight_smile:
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:slight_smile: oh boy sure did just to make her leave

I have the MM par 722, and have never had a problem with non locking resevoirs. Did you ask the lady if she has a pump? And what is her education as far as this pump and its resevoirs? Don’t let someone who is non informed scare you like that!

My favorite statement I get about my pump: “Is that a really big beeper?” My reply is, “No, it’s a device to deliver my anti-psychotic medication, and I just received and alarm telling me the battery failed!”

Ignore the ignorance, especially the ones who tell you what you can and cannot eat, that’s the worst part for me.

Laura: Why in the world would people scare you? Oh, I get it!! You’re scared that their ignorance will rub off on you!! Well, don’t worry, their ignorance is not contagious. Before you get upset over unguarded words by someone making a sweeping statement like that with no support, just take a breath and let it go in one ear and out the other. You did right by contacting the manufacturer. An MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging machine (test) that is huge. You would know if you were near one and have the good sense to ask the medical staff if your pump were safe. Even then, I am tempted to take it off even during a CT scan. Better safe than sorry. I apologize for anyone that is bold enough to make a statement like that without a caveat to contact those in the know. You did the right thing, since I, myself, have never heard that story. Smile kiddo and have a happy, healthy and safe New Year! Lois from Milwaukee.