Yes or No?

Does your Insurance Company cover your Glucose Tablets? Mine does even though it's an over the counter medicine. My Endo said no one ever asked him to write a prescription for glucose tablets before. That I was his first. I always just asummed that since it was over the counter that I had to pay for it. It pays to check into what your insurance covers!

I buy smarties or sweettarts. They are a dollar per bag or box. And I eat no more than a bag every three months. On the other hand my co-pay is $25 per prescription so it definitely isn't worth my trying to do it.

I haven't even asked if they cover it. But my guess would be no, or yes with a co-pay that makes it not even worth asking.

My insurance does not cover anything that is available without a prescription.

It is all a matter of your insurance. I just had a scrip written for ketone strips. The pharmacist said insurance would not cover it. I asked her to check again. I paid a $2.00 copay for a $25 bottle. She was amazed.

I am very lucky, but sometimes it does not hurt to ask.