YESSSS! Finally!

Our local news did a story showing how a low carb diet is better than a regular diet, and improves lipid profiles much, much better, and raises good cholesterol! I think pigs will fly now, and hell will freeze over. We may be ready to make some progress, finally…

Yahoo News ran this article:

Interesting stuff.

Encouraging news! Am looking out the window for flying pigs. Think I just saw something pink zip by.

Wish these blurbs would include info on the amount of carbs they consider to be low carb since it’s a relative term.

You are quite modest about this story. It actually is an AP (Associate Press) story released nationally (actually internationally) and talks about a just released study in the Annals of Internal Medicine ( This is a highly touted study and even has a “video” release (

Now, the question is whether (further) evidence will make progress, change the USDA food pyramid, and change the message coming from doctors and dieticians is not clear.

Mmm, I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. Even the yahoo interpretation of the above study was “well, there are two different options for weight loss, and they work equally well, the only difference is the cholesterol.”

Maybe the good cardiovascular outcomes will take hold.

The Yahoo interpretation is straight from the conclusions section of the journal article. Both types of diets lead to successful weight loss with the only significant long term difference being the long term HDL numbers between the low fat and low carb groups.

Remember though, the study was focused mainly on weight loss, with lipid profiles the only secondary measure. Diabetics were specifically excluded from the study. We’d be interested in additional measures that track differences in BG control and long term development of complications.

And my favorite part… No one was going on and on about the “brain starving” lol Get so sick of people saying that… It’s NOT TRUE! lol

Yeah. Luckily, the journal article BSC linked is a short and easy read.

Idk I have to watch out for that all the time lol

hehehe :smiley:

I know in which diet the brain is starving… the one in which I’m eating so many carbs, all my mind craves are fast food, and cookies, and cake… and ice cream… especially when in the past, I’ve gotten so sick of diets, like Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig crap… lol hehehe Then I go eating the world, and stabbing anyone who talks to me about dieting… hehe Can’t believe people still pay some other third company to tell them what to eat. Weight, people are clueless and often lazy… Yes, I can! lol

I also love the “without carbs, your muscle will atrophy and you will waste away.” from people who have no idea about good health.

hahaha yeahhhhh… It reminds me of comments people made when we were little: “Don’t make that kind of face! If someone smacks you in the back when you’re making that face, it’ll stay stuck like that forever!” lol

hehe. yup. And most of this advise comes from people who are not diabetic so they have never had to manage diet with a disease. They follow no particular diet, but read in some diet guru’s book that something is bad, but has no actual reference to material that backs up the claim. It’s funny how blindly people will follow with absolutely nothing to back up the claims.

I have quickly realized that having D, and those who share it with me, are forced to become extremely knowledgeable about food, and general health and well being. It amazes me every day.

Or they will say “research has shown…” and then never cite you any research of any kind. lol