Yikes! My Endo caught me!

YES he did!!! He caught me eating a big Sundae from SamsClub (super size). If you are not familiar with it, look here!

He had all his worries answered! Why my A1C went up from 8.4 to 8.9, Why am high most of the time…etc
Cheers for me, LOL!

Now for the hidden part, I had a low and wanted sugar, wasn’t in the mood for a coke, so sundae was my other choice (What a moron, he is low and thinking about what to have!!! Any SUGAR! DUH).

Walking in the parking lot with the BIG sundae in my hand, my Endo was placing what he bought in his trunk, then he saw me and said: “Hai, how are you?” Me"Am good, thx" afterward he smiles while looking at me [am sure he was thinking, he is T1 and eating all that BIG sundae! I don’t dare to eat it!] and finally he said “take care” “bye…bye”.

Hope that he forget about this evidence in my September appointment!? Jeeez

Keep your eyes open, you never know when your Endo catch you!!! LOL

Haha… I have kids, so I blame everything like that on them “oh, it’s for ___, I’m just holding it so it doesn’t get messy!” :smiley:


Better at Costco than his office. LOL

So funny I just snorted Diet Coke.


Weird running into docs, especially like this, or when out dancing!

Treating lows with big items like that will get those A1Cs… I use that excuse less frequently lately - my sugars are low, or my sugars are good!! We should put a red dot on our calendar every day we have a big sugary dessert and see if it explains our so-so A1Cs!

HAHA that’s great!

I actually write down what I eat and bolus for, so I let my endo see it all. You should have seen her face when I said “chocolate cake, ice cream, 2 slices of pizza” on my birthday meal list.


ROFL Ahmad you crack me up on a daily basis :slight_smile: The funny thing is, I just finished a bowl of ice cream before I read this! Hahaha I’m going to be laughing about this for days. I can just imagine how your face looked when you saw him!

honey my calendar would be scarlett red,=^)

LOL! Oh Al…what will we do with you?? The trick is not to get caught. :smiley: j/k He will probably forget about the incident.

Out of all the years that I’ve had Specialists, I can honestly say that I’ve only seen my Endo once and my Rheumy once other than during my appts. I just presumed that Drs. walked through Special tunnels underground, so no one could confront them about their decisions or sell them Girl Guide cookies.

So ya THINK that’s BAD?

Back in '92, a couple weeks before a scheduled in-hospital surgery, I took my 3 boys to a scout camp…Guess WHO was also there, morning, noon AND night, every meal and every activity? Yep MY DOCTOR with his son! I could not even look at applejacks at breakfast w/o his eagle eye looking my way. Heck I was even ordered to carry a tube of cake decorator frosting in case of a low. He did not say too mcuh, but that eagle eye looking my way, said more than any words.

SAMS, yep my current ENDO knows I graze there, that it’s one of my weaknesses (and why I get some 200s once in a while)

(&( GOMER buffalo wings anyone?

lol, well my big brother was with me!! LOL

Good point

LOL, I didn’t test it just had the feeling of low! But after like 20 minutes I tested and it was 71
So may be it was -600!! lol

Am glad that I succeeded in drawing a smile on your pretty face, I really enjoy and be happy when I make people laugh! Am I a comedian!! hmmm may be I can pass the clowns certificate exam who knows! lol

LOL, ya am a discrete for people with D! Now my endo will tell all the endo’s around the world and I will be the one to blame!!! LOL…like your sense of humor, you made me laugh. THX

Well sometimes I do pass my regular doctor at the grocery shop (seams that we use the same one) but my endo! hmm may be this was the first or 2nd time can’t tell!

My endo participate in many D camps, so I stay away from those! lol He love to help others, or may be market him self!!! hehehehe

It happened again…This time…I had a cart full of 1Lt Coke products…She looked at me and said :"hope this is for some sort of a group! Don’t drink that all by your self!!
Had 14 1Lt bottles that I bought for a dinner invitation had only 4 diet!

LOL! Ahmad, you are funny! :slight_smile: Guess you gotta start shopping somewhere else now.

The funny thing is that I had an appointment with her the next day, and she did ask about the cart of Coke!! :o/