Hi everyone!

I'm four months pregnant and 27 years a type 1. Everything is going well, but I'm starting to feel some tightness in my abdominal muscles. My main concern is keeping flexible enough to insert my insulin pump (I hear I'll need to move to side/back/thigh etc once my stomach starts resisting the insulin) and I'd like to be able to maneuver as long as I can to do that. My husband is ready and willing to take over insertions, but I'm hoping to be able to do it myself for as long as possible. If anyone can share a particular yoga/stretching dvd or program, I'd love to try it. Thank you so much in advance! Stay healthy!

I know you can find pregnancy yoga and pilates dvds. I would try searching they have tons of different excersise dvds. Good luck!

Thanks! I'm looking now - just want to make sure I don't do anything that would put the baby in harms way - but I can't stand loosing my ability to move! :)

When I was pregnant last year I took a prenatal yoga class at the local studio. It was my favorite time of the week! Find a video, sign up for a class, etc. I am a HUGE believer in prenatal yoga!

Yeah, I concur- prenatal yoga is key! I used this video which gives you three different options for each pose according to trimester, and is broken into three sections overall, so you can do as much or as little as you like:

Also- I was able to keep my insertion site on my stomach my entire pregnancy, so it isn't always a no-go... Good luck!

That's the best news I've heard all day - I am dreading moving my spot since everywhere else seems like it will be uncomfortable! Here's hoping I have the same luck as you! Thanks for the link - I'll definitely check it out. :)

Thanks! Me too - I want to do everything I can to keep my mind focused during this somewhat crazy time...testing...testing...testing. It's great to have a little something just to relax from all that!

I did yoga throughout my entire pregnancy and I think that it was definitely a factor in my overall health during pregnancy and my smooth birth experience. Plus it just feels super good! :) I don't have a specific DVD to recommend, but I would suggest doing a lot of hip openers. Also, stay consistent with your current yoga "level", If you are somewhat of a beginner, don't try any crazy inversions or advanced moves during your pregnancy. Keep it relaxing, stretching, soothing, and supported (use blocks if necessary- they were nice for support for me, especially towards the end of the pregnancy).