You’ve Got Type 1 Diabetes! Let the Fun and Agony Begin

Having just passed my 50th year living with T1D, I decided to publish a lot of my writings over the years about living with the disease, not really from a lifestyle perspective, but more about understanding the complexities that are often oversimplified.

I originally published this piece in 2020, but thought I’d give it mention here: You’ve Got Type 1 Diabetes! Let the Fun and Agony Begin. It tracks the journey through the three stages of self-management, from the beginning, where you don’t know anything, through the third stage, where you realize that no one knows anything. (Kidding, but not kidding.)

Long-timers may find some of this familiar.


Yes yes yes yes yes


I love it! Thank You!

I enjoyed reading this. You are a very funny man. So much of what you have written is very true. I have had type 1 for 64 years and I still haven’t figured this disease out. I am doing fine, but my diabetes is always on my mind.


All of it

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