Young woman struggling with sudden diabetic retinopathy

Hi everyone,
I’m a 30-year-old woman and was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. I have had it for years without knowing it, that can be seen from the very serious diabetic retinopathy that my eyes have developed. At the moment I have been unable to work for four months, just sitting at home and waiting for a surgery… Anyone having similar problems? Welcome to read about my life at

Kind regards,

Dear Anu, I developed diabetic retinopathy about 20 years ago when I had had diabetes for about 20 years. I have the type that is called PDR, peripheral diabetic retinopathy. What happens is the diabetes causes blood vessels in the retina to grow abnormally, and then they tend to hemmorrage, which eventually will cause blindness. What they did was use laser over a period of a few years to laser out the periphery of my retina. It caused me to lose my peripheral vision, but my central vision is fine, so I can still read, sew and drive a car. There is another type of diabetic retinopathy called macular degeneration, and that kind, unfortunately, affects the macula, where the central vision is located.

I go to a retina specialist once a year, it’s very important. I’m sure there have been new treatments developed since I had mine. It’s very very scary in any case, and just sitting home waiting for the surgery must be so hard for you. When is it scheduled? We all want to keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time. Please keep us posted on what’s going on with you. We are here to support you.