Your Choice Of Sugar Hit

I use orange juice to treat my lows and jelly beans ... i love all flavours except, ironically, the orange ones. They are absolutely ferral!

What do you guys use and how much do you have?

I reach for something small in individual sizes, or else I will eat all of it and over correct.
At work, I use my orange flavored glucose tablets (1 or 2 tabs),
then follow up with a granola bar that I keep stashed in my purse (15g carbs) for the slow acting carbs

At home, it’s more likely 1/2 cup all natural chocolate chip ice cream (15g carbs)
with melted peanut butter on top (7g carbs) for the slow acting carbs.


I’m fixing a 47 right now. Ran out of granola bars and forgot to replenish my stash last night, so I had a can of V8 for the slow acting carbs.
Will probaly need to raid the vending machine in an hour or so. They’ve got Cheez-Its but I tend to spike to the 200s about 3 hours after eating Cheez-Its.

depends on the low–I prefer Coke if dropping fast. I tend to get an upset stomach when I go low, the carbonation seems to help that
The amount also is dependent on how low…but usually only a couple of ounces

I prefer orange juice or jolly ranchers

I use the grape dex tablets (usually 3-4), If I have candies around I will want to eat them =p
I know i have no will power so i just don’t keep that stuff around. I find OJ works really well too!

I also go for the orange glucose tablets, usually 3 will do the trick. I also will drink some OJ even tho the OJ takes about 20 minutes to bring my blood sugar back up and the tablets takes about 10 minutes. II also have the smaller cans of pepsi around just to change things up, the can is half the size of a normal can of soda. Not sure how many ounces it has in it but usually when I drink soda it gives me a stomach ache. Not really a fan of candy so I usually don’t have any around.

Jelly beans are my favorite-1 gm sugar per jelly belly. I’m not tempted by them in between lows so not a problem for me. Juice sends my BGs way too high so avoid it. I hate the glucose tabs but carry them with me because they are very predictible and work well. If I am out and about I will also eat a Treo or Lara bar that have fruit and nuts to carry me through longer when it will be awhile before eating a meal.

Jelly Bellys or Skittles. Regular Pepsi if very low. Juice is my last resort…bothers my stomach. I will use Watermelon glucose tablets as well.

the chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter sounds awesome!
i think i’d be tempted to make myself low on purpose to have that haha

yummy! we have pastilles like that where i live. how many do you have to treat your lows?

the bad thing about using candy is the novelty of them wears off very quickly! now when ever i look at jellybeans the first thing that pops into my head is “DIABETES!”…such a bummer!

i also hate glucose tablets, they’re so poudry and only come in very ordinary flavours where i live. I’d love to try watermelon though!..after using them for 6 years im repulsed by them ha
How many skittles do you take, Robyn?

1 skittle or 1 jelly belly equals 1 gram sugar. So, 15 jelly bellys or 15 skittles equals 15grams sugar. I love Jelly Bellys…Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy, Tangerine flavors Walmart now has Jelly Bellys in Citus Flavor, just tried them a few days ago…very good!

I also use Jelly Belly’s jelly beans. Those are great. I go bike quite frequently and my body just likes to go low no matter how high i start off with. I think the meds I take block glucose production from the liver. Not good during excercise since I then have to find the glucose from food sources instead. I buy a big bag of Jelly Beans and then I divide them into 14 pieces in plastic wrap. I do that so I dont over shoot the recovery. 14 pieces gives me about 15 grams of carbs. Also I always carry 8 ouces apple juice boxes. Those are great because they are 15 grams of carbs and 60 calories. The apple juice seems to be a lot better for me also since is not as acidic as orange juice but it is super sweet.

I use lows as an excuse to have all kinds of stuff. Here’s a sample on some recent lows, Cocoa Pebbles, Powdered Mini donuts (their 7.75 carbs), banana, orange, apple, soda, glucose tabs in grape, orange, berry and watermelon and I guess basically anything within reach quickly LOL

These are what I use fast, cheap, no need to keep cold and very transportable and only 16 g carbs. and even works for fussy kids.
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I carry sugar packets or candy corn from the bulk section at the grocery store; they’re cheap. Also, over the years I’ve ruined my taste for a couple sweets I liked (gosh I wish I still liked banana cream pie!) , so now I use as close to raw sugar as possible. It’s fast and I don’t associate something I enjoy with the terrible feeling of a low. There are great recommendations on this discussion. Thanks for the discussion, Sophie.

When away from home, my daughter uses either watermelon or orange tabs. At home, she has been using dates (about 9 gr) recently.

donuts! oh i LOVE donuts
does the fat in them mean the sugar is absorbed slower though?

I use Smarties. Super cheap if you buy 'em by the large bag. 1 roll is 6 grams. So you can divide a single roll, or eat multiple rolls. A single roll sits in my left pocket at all times. My desk drawer, car console, nightstand, etc. all look like SmartieLand.

For a long time I had the tendency to over do glucose tabs or juice, etc. when treating a low. Now, Smarties, or sometimes Jelly Bellies, provide nice, small doses.