What do you like to eat to treat a low?

When you are low what is your favorite thing to eat to bring it back up? For me it’s fruit - the more sour the better. Grapefruit is my current favorite.

Blueberry preserves or juice. I can’t stand those glucose tabs.

I usually go for glucose tabs. I know that Lucozade or something liquid is a bit quicker, but it’s not very economical (plus I don’t like it when the fizz goes!) since I don’t have that many hypos.

Occasionally I’ll use a hypo as an excuse to eat something naughty, but then I feel guilty- esp when it doesn’t correct it as fast as the glucose tabs :frowning:

For me only glucose tabs are used to treat hypoglycemia. It’s the only thing I can use that treats the hypoglycemia quickly but also in a controlled manner.

Sweet tarts, glucose tabs, OJ, Pom Juice

I use glucose tabs or smarties …I don’t want or need the extra calories from food or coke but I would think it would be a great time to get in a serving of fruit! I have on occasion used it as an opportunity to eat a big cookie at the mall lol but I find if I treat a low with food then I just end up too high. I feel I have better control with the glucose tabs or smarties…

i have half a can of pop, or OJ. I’m starting to experiment with tabs…so far I don’t like them much, but they will come in handy when I’m stranded.

I am surprised grapefruit works quickly enough. I hesitate to use any fruit, except grapes or mango or something exceptionally sweet, thinking that the fiber would slow the effects. I use a low as an excuse to drink juice or eat candy…15 grms worth. I love the blueberry preserves idea!

I use juice boxes at home or work. Juicy juice makes small ones with 16g carb each. I like the punch better than the grape or apple.
Glucose tabs while on the move. I like the green apple but they are not sold in the big jars.

Nerds, all the way. After Halloween I stock up and use those as much as I can. Once those run out, I default to Mentos, or small packages of fruit snacks. I’m big on things that can survive in my purse :confused:

At night I tend to go with a juice box because it involves less effort - five big slurps on the straw and I’m ready to go back to sleep.

This is what I use most often, but I’ve been known to eat: ice cream straight from the carton, a giant bowl of cereal, Skittles, Starburst, licorice, M &Ms, bread with honey, finger-fruit, and doughnuts. None of these are good choices, obviously, but when I’m not thinking too clearly, it winds up being a “whatever sounds good” thing.

Juice or jelly belly jelly beans if i have them handy. If not glucose gel or tablets.

sour apple glucose tabs.

I like glucose tabs if that’s all that’s available, fruit snacks, regular pop, juice, or something with peanut butter, or just peanut butter. Lol

I like to use Sweedish Fish, 8 or so is approx 15 grams and most bags have 24-25 so you can treat 3 times with one bag.

I don’t like the glucose tabs but they are easy, quick and reliable. 1 jelly bean has 1 gram of carb so I use those more often. Fruit is nice at bedtime because it seems to carry me through the night without shooting up high.

For a carb deprived diabetic, ANY of those things sound wonderful!

LOL I don’t know when the last time was that I had NERDS. I may have to go out and get a box. Those and Gummi Life Savers.

I used to think it was fine to guestimate. Why, I don’t know, because I was taught better than that both by my doc and my CDE. Once I switched to the Cozmo pump after 6 years with the Paradigm and I started using the Hypo Manager feature, I feel like the micromanagement of hypoglycemia is really important. So to do that, for me it has to be something measurable like a glucose tab or a teaspoon of something like jam that will melt away quickly.

The only time I drink a soda is if I’m being asked to take a massive amount of carbs which is usually due to some kind of miscalc on my part. But even then, if I’m covering for a low that is forthcoming (i.e. I am told to take 20 grams of carbs even though I am 180, based on a low that is coming down the pike), I do not take fast-acting glucose, I would rather do something like grapes or even a banana, depending on how the onset of the low is behaving.

The pump can do all that???

Kind of. The Hypomanager tells you how many carbs you need to get back to your target BG taking into account IOB. I don’t think any other pump has this feature. John Walsh (author of Pumping Insulin) describes how to do this using other pumps - he calls it "carb tipping."
Us Cozmo users have discussed the pluses and minuses of this feature in the group for Cozmo Users. Check it out if you want the scoop on how to use it and fine-tune its suggestions.
I’m not against glucose tabs, I just hate to buy them. I go through them (the multipack tubes) way too quickly for them to be a good choice (plus I hate refilling a tube from a bigger bottle - takes too much time) and they taste too chalky. Even the sour green apple ones (though those are better than most). Kudos to those of you who do use them.