Your Feelings and Thoughts About McDonald's

When I read this post about a study from Stanford written in, I couldn’t help but nod in resignation.

McDonald’s Subverting Toddler Taste Buds
“Their results shocked the bejeezes out of me - every child in the study preferred McDonald’s branded food item over the same, unbranded food item. Furthermore, children that ate at McDonald’s more often or had more televisions in their house had a higher propensity for choosing the branded food item over the unbranded item.”

This is what troubles me:
We have probably taken my almost 4-year old son 3 or 4 times to McD in his life, yet lately (and we watch very, very little TV too, I must say) when he’s hungry and we drive by a McDonald’s, he yells “We’re there! We’re going to eat!” It’s crazy!

How does McDonald’s make you feel?

I grew up watching Ronald McDonald on TV, but I have never cared for their food. I have noticed that kids seem to prefer McDonalds. I always thought it was due to thier play ground and the toys they gave away.

I may be coming to Orlando,FL for a continuing education seminar on September 6. I take it that I cannot take you and the family to MCDonalds for dinner?


Here’s a radical idea which can solve a lot of this kind of problem. Don’t let your toddlers watch TV. Put all your TVs into storage and watch what happens. We got rid of our TV when our oldest was 3. People warned me that my kids “wouldn’t fit in” if they didn’t watch the same stuff as the other kids. Here’s what really happened.

My daughter was reading at the 5th grade level by first grade. My son taught himself how to do just about anything you can do on a computer–in elementary school. Both my kids became leaders among the kids in the neighborhood because they were so good at coming up with games and things to do. My son who never watched sports on TV ended up playing well enough to make it onto a division winning college team, My daughter organized a neighborhood “theater.” She ended up living in LA and acting in several. well known videos and doing several TV pilots.

My daughter is 24 now and she says the saddest thing about her generation is for many of them their “memories of childhood” seem to be almost exclusively for the videos they watched, over and over again. She tells me she’s really grateful that she had the opportunity to do so much stuff as a child instead of sitting in front of the tube all the time.

Getting rid of the TV did wonders for my husband and I too. He went out and joined a band. I wrote my first published book and then discovered the online world (in 1987).

And neither of my kids would eat at McDonalds if you paid them. They think the food tastes disgusting.

I think it’s fine in moderation, we might grab some fast food when we are on the go, it’s hard to get a toddler to sit still in a regular restaurant. But we like other places better, plus the last time I went there they gave us all regular sodas instead of diet and got all offended when I asked for diet after I tasted them. Plus my kid prefers grilled cheese at sonic over anything at mcdonalds.
We limit television here, I haven’t noticed any commercials but that’s cause the television is playing cartoons in the morning when I haven’t had all of my coffee yet so I’m not as aware! Tony watches it in the mornings while I get everything ready.

LOL! Everybody to your battlestations!
Manny, You opened a can of worms.
I can stick out like a sore thumb too. I homeschool. ahh… my kids eat at fast food places like Mc Donalds, Burger King,Arby’s, and Sonic. They prefer Sonic.
That said, I do limit tv to special times of day to make sure school work and other responsibilities are being met. ( chores, playing with friends etc.)
Let’s not take this to a war zone.
Some places just really dont feed good sound nutritional food.
All things in moderation! You eat the lifestyle of your choice. One day, science or whatever will bring individuals to consider before they choose to eat.
That is why we as parents need to choose to eat to live a healthy lifestyle.
We became parents for various reasons. Some of us are flat out NON-CONFORMISTS.
HEE HEE! I’m one of them. We will struggle to teach our children what we believe… in the end they will choose their own way.
I dont want to slam anyone on “social skills” or other beliefs.
I will admit. I am “FACEBLIND” It’s not fun! I do not recognize many faces that others say I should recognize. It’s part of my life. Because of it… I did as a child "read alot."
Social gatherings are very awkward for me. Faceblind is awkward. It has nothing to do with McDonald’s or “socializing” for not watching tv . By the way, my kids ( all 7 of them are very outgoing!)

From the article Manny mentioned: “These results add evidence to support recommendations to regulate or ban advertising or marketing of high calorie, low-nutrient foods and beverages, or all marketing, that is directed to young children.” concluded the authors"

This talks about branding and marketing. This really proved that kids like the idea of McDonalds and be it from seeing it on TV, driving by one or going to another kid’s birthday party hosted at a McDonalds kids love the idea of McDonalds.

If we are so concerned about McDonalds then teach kids that it is not a daily replacement for their meals but an occasional treat that they can have once in a while. Educate kids to know that a well balanced diet along with daily exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Also throw in some of the reasons WHY they will want to avoid McDonalds on a regular basis, not just high cholestrol, weight gain, all the obvious reasons we shouldn’t eat it but what those things DO to a person’s life. Does telling a kid they may become fat or develop high cholestrol if they eat too much fast food mean, really mean anything to them? No, it means a problem that they may or may not have to deal with when they’re an adult, but can’t they just have a Happy Meal today, please?

Education baby! Thats the way to help the youth and kids today.

That being said, of all the fast food restrauants, I give kudos to McDonalds for putting the nutritional info on their regular menu items! I can grab a hamburger, cheese burger, or if I’m really hungry (and on the go) double cheeseburger from there and not have to search on the internet to see exactly how many carbs, and sadly how many calories I am consuming. If I mamage to plan my day right I don’t visit fast food places, but some days are too crazy and too crunched for time to brown bag my lunch.

I dont’ know what it is, but I have lived in two towns (about 130 miles a part) that had Sonics, and I could not stand the food in either one. Here in Statesboro, GA, we now have two Sonics, so I must be in the minority.


It’s a frightening result, but the review you quote is not accurate. It wasn’t “every child in the study” who preferred the McDonald’s branded food. Here’s another link with more info.

77% preferred the McDonald’s branded fries, 54% preferred the branded carrots, and the differences were not significant for hamburgers.

I would be interested to see what the results would have been with adults rather than 3-5 year olds, or with McDonalds vs attractive (but bogus) wrappers rather than plain, or with attactive (but bogus) vs plain wrappers.

I’ve never liked their food… but the drinks… well. Diet cherry limeade, diet coke with added cherry, diet dr. pepper with added lime… yum.

I was a single parent in grad school when my son was 5. We spent the summer at McDonald’s where I studied and he played with the balls and on the climbing equipment with the lunch crowd and then with the dinner crowd. During my first year teaching we commuted to a school 50 minutes away and he had McDonald’s food twice a day. He didn’t ever drink the sodas though, we always got water. He watched a fair amount of TV as a child, but I would sit and watch shows with him, and then we’d discuss them. He’s now almost 21, never watches TV, never drinks soda and rarely eats fast food. What makes me sad is the reports I hear from my first grade students after the weekend. They spend their free time watching their parents play video games and hardly ever leave the house.

I just moved to Texas and I swear there’s a sonic every mile, along with a walmart every mile lol! The other fast food places here besides sonic are full of lazy workers and the food is always bad. But I went to one in Oregon and it was okay. But mmm now I want a cherry limeade, I can’t drink that with my son around-that’s like a whole days worth of carbs for him!

Hey, it’s probably a whole day’s worth of carbs for you, too. You just don’t know it yet.

There’s a story just now on the APNewswire which mentions a smoothie that is 1,270 calories! Carbs aren’t mentioned, but smoothies are mostly carbs. If only 1000 of the calories in the smoothie are carbs, that’s 250 grams of carbs in one drink. That’s enough to give the healthiest beta cell a workout that might leave it with serious cramps!.

Actually, that’s why I like sonic… the cherry limeade comes in DIET! Yay! But like I said, the food is not my favorite.


I go to McDonald’s almost every day for their 69 cent X-Large Diet Coke. It’s a great deal. Also, I go to Wendy’s for their inexpensive side salads. But, I don’t have any kids, so can’t add anything relative to that part of the discussion.

that’s why I don’t drink that stuff, well I did before Tony was diagnosed as a treat but I only eat what Tony eats-I think that’s fair. But I just looked it up and a childs size cherry limeade is 30something carbs-which is a meals worth for him-yikes!

I eat McDonalds about 3 times a year. I really try to avoid it while the taste is fine with me the movie Supersize Me, which I watched before I had diabetes really just proved what I already knew. If you want to be unhealthy eat McDonalds all the time. I support the McDonalds corporation by eating at Chipotle!!

Not to mention the cost. I imagine that you save a lot more money cooking at home than going to Mc Donalds, or any other establishment.

The missing link is: CBC News article

The 44oz. diet cherry limeade has 3 g of carb, according to their website :slight_smile:

The documentary Supersize Me certainly affected the way I look at McDonalds! I’ve never been a real fan of fast food (although I must admit, I love their fries when they’re unsalted), but that movie drove the nail in their coffin as far as I’m concerned. In general, everything in moderation is OK, but I hate the way the companies solicit children the way they do.