Do You Eat At McDonalds?

I do. Twice a year. But how many do that more often? Curious.

Havre not been at Mc's since ??????? ...I can't recall ...I am not into " fast foods " ...but don't hold it against me , please :) age thing ??

the last time I ate at a McDonald's is when I took a Greyhound trip from Minnesota to Virginia. I love bus travel, but hate their food stops.

Only when the McRib makes an apperance! LOL! Other than that not at all.

We let our daughter eat their still....we get a hamburger and salad. Some times we split fries. My kids have grown to love salads so that helps a lot.

That’s when I return also. Once upon a time before the big D I worked there. It was high school. The mcrib was invented and I always have one. Recalling washing mcrib pans til 3 am.

Lol I work there. Since I'm not one to give up free food, I eat McDonald's at least 5 times a week. (you get a free meal if you work a 4+ hour shift) Probably not the best of ideas... but at least I'm the same weight that I was before getting this job!

Same here. I have this notion that if I deny my kids this type of food the second they get a chance to choose on their own they will go overboard. We try not to make going there a big deal even if they only get it 1-2 times per month. Any other times we don't want to cook we try to hit up Subway or some other place where you at least have a 50% chance of choosing something at least marginally healthy .

Yuk! NO! I can't eat their tasteless food, besides which you don't know which part of the animal the 'meat' comes from.

No, not since our Kids were about 13 y/o, I guess.

Only when I am in a rush or cannot find anything/anywhere else to eat, such as when I am in an area or locale with which I am unfamiliar... I generally get a salad and consult the Calorie King book for carb count info. Maybe 5-6 times a year.

God Bless,

Probably a few times/ year. Not as much since we moved as we haven't been on a significant car trip since then.

I used to eat there three are more times a week before I found out I was t-1. Now I Know why I went from t2 to t1; I think I need to call my lawyer LOL.

I miss my Big Mac. :(

I will on eat there a few times a year. We used to eat there a lot more, but my son watched Morgan Spurlock's movie "Super Size Me" in school and swore off McDs. That is really funny cause that movie turned out to be filled with lots of errors and outright wrong nutrition information. Tom Naughton was cranked up enough to do his own movie on the subject "Fat Head" (also I believe available on netflix), where he followed a McDs diet for a month and lost weight and got healthier.

The key when dining out is to understand nutrition and what is in the foods. McDs is highly processed, not the best, but by closely examining the nutrition you can come up with a quite reasonable meal. A good option is one of the salads with grilled chicken. I also will get a bunch of burgers on special and throw out all the buns. I also have great luck at a lot of restaurants ordering a breakfast and asking for eggs and meat to be substituted for hash browns and biscuits.

I worked for Burger King at one time. Hey at that time we were rivals. HA!

No. My reasons are not related to blood sugars though, but rather to the preservatives in the 'food' they serve. There are so many chemicals and toxins in the food that my body is not used to (because I don't eat that kind of food with any kind of regularity), that I now get horribly ill if I eat it. So I've avoided it for the past two years, and will continue to do so.

Maybe I should be more specific in my question. I do not eat red meat or fried foods. I do like the fish sandwich and the salads. I wasn't my intention to knock em down on the burgers. We all know that the menu and nutritional information provided by the company is useful. As the old saying goes "you can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink". Nuff said.

I'd rather shoot myself in the foot, actually. Nothing to do with diabetes.

Not often, and more due to the fact that um lol Im not 16 anymore and If I eat out I'd rather go somewhere nice with higher quality food, a real dining experience versus the quickie junk at McDonald's. If I am going to do fast food I usually do something like Chic-fil-A, even then it's rarely. Maybe once every 3 or 4 months.

Be careful at Chick Fil A too. Their standard chicken sandwich has 1600 mg of sodium. That's enough salt for the whole day!