Your health care team?

What health care proffesionals you visit regularly and which you have never seen?


I regularly see an Endo, and I have seen a CDE and a dietician but only during pregnancy.

Endo regularly, cde as necessary when things with my diet/exercise go sideways, dietician… Only when I switch health plans and they make me by withholding other services.

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Endo. The others only at diagnosis and I think maybe not even the nutritionist - can’t remember!

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While in pediatric care, we saw a CDE at every visit. The clinic required us to see the dietician annually. She’s only had one visit with her current endo. No CDE yet. As far as we can tell, there isn’t one. She sees a dietician recommended by one of her other providers for a separate chronic issue, but not for diabetes.

ETA: For my T2, I see a NP. Should I ever feel the need for more help, all I need to do is ask.

Type 1 and currently see an endo every 4 months. I see my RD maybe every 8 or 9 years and CDE maybe every 3 years or if something I comes up. I did go almost 8 years without seeing an endo, I saw a NP for awhile and a PA for awhile. My thinking, if they know their stuff and you have a good relationship, it really shouldn’t be a problem not seeing an endo.

Do not see as often as I should especially when sugars have been high. Sometimes I do not want the looks

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In addition to my regular doctor, I have seen a dietician. My doctor and I have talked about seeing an endocrinologist. After some back and forth, we both agreed that in my case, my medication, diet and exercise are keeping my BG readings well under control (about one out of range reading per month, and if out of range, the reading is just above 140, never higher than 160). So in my case, we agreed that if my readings get wonky, a trip to the endo would be the time warrented. Right now, stay the course and keep doing the right things.

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I would only visit an endocrinologist or certified diabetes educator for a good laugh, since it is absolutely astonishing to witness the contrast between their arrogant self-certainty and utter idiocy about the everyday reality of the disease. Even with respect to the latest research findings, if you actually have the disease you have a life and death interest in finding out what is true about your condition, but if diabetes is just a job for you, then you are content to coast along with whatever ineffectual recipes you have learned as standard care, because, after all, it’s not your life which is at stake.

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I was kind of surprised that my PCPs refer me out to an Endo, since I’m fairly easily diet controlled when I’m not pregnant, but the regular doctors I’ve seen don’t seem to know what to do with me since I am ‘atypical.’

Only saw a dietician once when first diagnosed and that was a disastrous high carb mess.
Never seen a CDE.

My first endo left her practice suddenly for reasons unknown. I sacked my endo after several years… and did not replace him.

I now self manage with occasional support from a nice PCP. That’s good enough for now. I hope an pray I don’t need more specialized care…

Hi Tomato,

I love your name!

I am easily controlled on insulin when not pregnant… when pregnant that’s a whole other story and massive doses of insulin are required.

Also atypical. Doctors tend not to know what to do with atypical.

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My current primary care physician is amazing, I told her she can never go anywhere without me.

When I was pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago I had to go on insulin to control T2 diabetes after being on metformin for years and glyburide was an unmitigated disaster. I saw a dietitian which was a waste of time because she told me I already ate the way I should. The CDE was super helpful.

I don’t see an endocrinologist because my PCP and her practice partners take very good care of me and everything is well managed.