How many times a yr do you visit your Endo?

How many times a yr do you visit your Endo for your regular checkups. I go to mine every 3-4 months if I have no complications.

Every three months.

Every 4 months.

Every 4 months without fail

Every 3 months

once a year but only to renew RXs.

Every 3 months.

three months.

I don’t currently have an endo. Everything is fine and so I just see my PCP whenever I need prescriptions filled. If I have an issue I will ask for a referral. I always find it a bit strange when people say how often “their doctor wants to see them”, because since I am the consumer I see them when I want or need to.

Every three months. But then again, I am a strange one. Although I am diagnosed as a T2, medications have not improved my condition. Did I mention I was a strange one?

My PCP is pretty damn good so i don’t see an Endo either. I’m on a regular 3 month schedule with him now.

Now that I have insurance its ever 3 months with the Endo and follow ups with the certified nurse
I visit my CDE 3 times a year also
Then comes the Dentist
Then the Optometrist
Then the Gynocologist…wait i dont have one of those!!!

I have too many appointments!!!

Every 6 months like clock work :slight_smile:

I would have to worry about you if you went to a Gynocologist!!! hahahaha

Oh me too…Me too!!!
Sorry, didnt mean to sidetrack everyone with tastelss (yet funny) Gyno jokes!

Yeah but, if you did go to the Gyno then, you would need to see ANOTHER doctor called a Psychiatrist. Now, that’s too many doctors!!!

Endo every three months; email every Friday with numbers
Gastro every three months
Retinopathy pro every 3 months
reg eye doc every year
Reg doc every three months and once a month B12 shots
Gyn every year

I agree, too many appointments!

Thanks to everyone for answering my question.

0, dont have one