Your Word's Needed for Diabetes Art Project (No Strips this Time!)

As most of you know, the illustrator of is my youngest sister Ana, who has had type 1 diabetes for 18 years now. She is a Junior at James Madison University studying studio art. Ana is wondering if we, the DOC could help her out for an art project involving diabetes advocacy. She needs:

-One statement describing one of the hardest things about living with diabetes.

-One statement describing something positive that diabetes has taught you.

-Years with diabetes or how diabetes affects you (if you don't have it yourself).

-Indicate if you would like your statements to be anonymous, no last name, etc.

-Handwritten would be great but not required!

Send to:

Ana Morales/ 802 Orlando Ct. / Roanoke VA, 24019

Also, if you don’t want to hand write and mail, then email your statements to: so that Ana can print them out and compile.

Let’s help Ana tell the world a little about diabetes through art!