1 1/2 years after diagnoses..a little update on my life

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch with the community so I thought it’s time to touch base.

Well it’s now been 1 1/2 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes. After much struggle of adjusting to my new situation in life I have figured out I am LADA. I mean I pretty much new within 1 month after diagnoses. I did extensive research into everything diabetes related. I’d also like to make note that most of my good health and understanding of diabetes has been totally on my own. Very little help form the health system…of course insulin…what luck to be alive after such a discovery! I am grateful to the Canadian health care system being free, but it has it’s problems.

I’ve always been devoted to natural/whole foods and being a vegetarian. I also have always been into staying fit. So having diabetes has been weird. I sometimes feel like I am suddenly an unhealthy person. I know this if far from true but I am wrapping my head around lot’s of crazy new realities.

Sometimes my sugars # can be unpredictable. I figured one huge curve ball and that’s OVULATING! This gave me lot’s of clues as to how to deal with things. I starting making charts of my day to day changes over a month’s time and after a while I figured that out. My #'s have always been pretty good, I test 10 times a day sometimes, just to make sure I am in a good place with my #'s. On average I am always around 6.5 to 7 at the most.

My A1C has also been a funny surprise. I can’t have the test done becasue even though my #'s are around 6.5% it’s actually not accurate at all. I have F & D hemoglobin. I don’t have a normal amount of Adult hemoglobin in my body for A1C tests. I should be around 5.8 to 6% So now we do the fructosamine test.

Wowzers as I write this I can’t believe all the changes that I’ve gone through. I am glad that I know how to take care of myself. Also I’m glad to be so conneted to my body. I think it’s key to see your mind and body as one and tuning into each other is key for good health. I also feel awesome being a healthy perosn…it’s my happy drug!

My lastest substantial change is that my Endo suggested that I go off the long acting insulin for now and take Metformin…a DRUG!!! I was terrified! What will this drug do to my body long term?? All those questions came to me. Well I did my research and I decided to go for it and take it. I’m glad I did! It sucks to take drugs but It’s my life I’m talking about and quality. I have better control over things now. Because of my honeymoon and ovulation I was adjusting insulin every second day not really knowing if things we’re going to work out…no predictability and very insulin sensitive!!!
Now things have mellowed out and I feel way less stressed. I still have to take fast acting insulin but my understanding is way better. I still don’t know 100% what will happen after injection. Sometimes I need 1 unit sometimes I need 3 units even though I ate the same exact thing last time. Most of the time I’m right on and if I’m not then I check in an 1 hour and then adjust.

Well folks that it for now.



I’m so glad you posted this, that your numbers go funky when you ovulate, because mine do too, and I’m so new at this I thought I was just making it up, since i see more about periods messing up numbers, but when i ovulate my numbers go a little crazy… you’ve certainly made my day (obviously not an overly exciting day here if that’s all it takes :slight_smile: )

i know what you mean about not feeling "healthy"
all my life i’ve never been pretty healty, never really sick, just the usual cold now every now and then.
now i have this disease to deal with everyday!

Thanks for this blog post, Nadia! I have been diagnosed with LADA only 4 month ago and am on long-acting insulin and metformin for the moment, quite stable, but your insights have given me hope that my honeymoon could go on for a while. And I’ll watch out for those changes during ovulation time!