Recently diagnosed too....LADA.....43 years young

Hi…I think I am lucky gal in that my doc referred me right away to an endo and a short 6 weeks after my diagnosis of being a type 2 diabetic…I was on lantus at night (only 4 units since Feb 14/13 and no increases yet). My endo called me mild diabetic, but it was the health nurse who called it correctly the first night she met me (In B.C. we have to take a 9 hours course, free, about how to eat and treat diabetes). The nurse is a diabetic herself and she knew right away I was not “what they said I was…” I was on metformin at that point, but one week later was on diamacron (spelling???) and off that as soon as I started lantus. My doctor had ordered all the extra c peptide tests during my first visit, because I was a fairly healthy 43 year old, who ate well, worked out and was generally fairly healthy…he must have suspected what was up, but wanted me to wait until seeing the endo doc (who is fantastic). My AiC has gone from 14 in January to 6.2 in May…due for another one in August. I exercise everyday, sometimes twice and eat probably under 100 carbs a day. I don’t mind it too much, and I have lost 16 pounds since Christmas. I do miss my wine, but I have a small glass from time to time so I’ll survive. I know I am probably in the honeymoon stage but I try to stay optimistic and have faith that this stage will last for a LOOOONG time. NO real advice, cuz who am I to say…just sharing…also I have done a ton of reading about diabetes and Dr. Bernstein’s book was helpful, although his diet changes are too radical for me. I do eat the high protein low carb plan for breakfast though…

Hey Ticky. Congrats on getting the right diagnosis! I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 for 15 months. When my blood sugar started going up...and up...I figured out myself that I was, in fact, Type 1. Congrats too on your great decrease in A1C; impressive!

Oh, and by the way, there is no reason to miss your wine! I just had a couple glasses Prosecco with dinner. There is no problem unless you have drinks with sugar or if you drink a lot you may go low. Otherwise, enjoy. I've given up so many things, it's nice that I can still enjoy wine and Cappuccino.

Hi Ticky: Congratulations on getting a correct diagnosis, getting your A1c down, and for the all around good attitude. I wrote a blog on my top ten tips for the newly diagnosed that you may find useful. I second what Zoe says, wine is actually on my "free" list (an not many things are). Wine with a meal has no impact on my blood sugar (and I live really near Napa!!!). Sadly, coffee actually requires a bolus. With good blood sugar control, you can actually prolong the honeymoon for a very long time, which has all sorts of benefits. Best of luck to you!!!!

I'm LADA for four years, now, and Bernstein has worked for me. I'm still not on insulin, but I do exercise like crazy. I just had a glass of wine and a flaxmeal muffin with mozarella cheese melted on top of it. I really am strict and exercise almost beyond my body's capacity, but my numbers are excellent. Last A1c was 4.9. Honeymoon or not, that was hard work. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't have doubts worrying that I can keep this up, but it's been four years, and I've never gone off the grid. I'm 60yo and just took up battle ropes and TRX! I even did an hour kickboxing class after a weight lifting class last night. It's working so well that first question every doc asks me is whether I am exercising or not.

Thanks everyone...I am you all eat a snack before bed??

would love the receipe for the flax muffins...

Hi Ticky, and welcome to the club! You're very lucky that you were caught early; being on insulin may prolong the death of ALL your beta cells and actually keep you on a lower dose of insulin longer. unfortunately, i was misdiagnosed for about 5 years and have now been on insulin for about 3. your drop in a1c is very impressive. i too partake in wine and vodka drinks mixed with crystal lite. wine seems to be ok with the blood sugars; vodka sometimes makes me go up. just depends on what i'm eating along with it!

Wow, Sheila, I'm so impressed! All that exercise-whew! I'm an excercise junkie myself - take 2-3 classes a day- spin, trx, sculpt, yoga, etc. i've been on insulin for about 3 years now after having been misdiagnosed as a type 2 for about 5 years. just wish i could lose some weight; that's one thing that really is sucky about going on insulin. i put on about 10 pounds after starting on it! i'd love to get it back off again, but bernstein seems a bit too much for me to handle. good for you for having the discipline!

I was recently diagnosed as well...but it took 6 years, not six weeks. I'm on a full blown insulin regimen of Apidra and Lantus. Im glad to have answers, but 6 years of reading, research, 7 drugs all for a disease I didnt have...Onward an upward! I wish you luck!

Took me about 3.5 years after getting the T2 diagnosis. I read Dr Bernstein's book almost immediately and had pushed hard for insulin when the metformin failed me, but it was still another year before I got the T1 diagnosis.

However, I had been showing solid and progressive signs of diabetes for at least 10 years.

Thanks for sharing I am new also and trying to learn..Will try to find the Dr Bernstein book,,My A1C was 10 and now 8 so coming down. Strong family history of diabetes and w/o obesity so md tested for LADA and I have it,,So now I can update family for there records so they can get tested if needed. Guess alot of people are not tested for this type of diabetes..So luck my md did, My dad probably is also but no test done. Anyway hope to read every ones comments so I can learn..

Will be one year in only 2 short months...I still only taking lantus at night, up to 5 units now...still exercise almost every day, but don't beat myself up if I skip a day...still eat low carb and still feel great. Last A1C was 6.0....keep on keepin' on!!

Awesome results, Ticky!

Let’s see. I was t2 July 23rd and t1 on Sept 29th. I started Lantus that day, which was good cause the pills and all the exercise and diet in the world wasn’t helping. So that was about 2 months. I started bolus injections oct 10th. Exercise is still scary for me cause I drop like crazy. When I was on metformin I could bike for 20 miles and go from 230 to 100. Now I have only had my lows after exercise. Once a 58. Sooo many adjustments but it helps to read these and gather ideas and realistic expectations. Wine does impact me, can make me lower but I’m ok w about 4 ounces w dinner.

Hi Kristi: Exercise has always been my biggest challenge and when I have had the worst lows. In 18+ years with Type 1, I have learned how to manage it to some degree, but it is difficult for sure. I wear a pump and a CGM--when I know I have exercise scheduled, I turn my pump down by 70-90% about 2 hours before (I exercise strenuously and call myself a "blood sugar burner"). Otherwise, juice boxes and those sport gels are my friends.

Hi, this sound a bit like me, I self diagnosed 18 months ago after losing weight and being very thirsty. I was 41 - now nearly 43!
My specialist says I've LADA however, everyone else says I've got type 1.

My bloods were 27.8 when I asked the doc to check me out for diabetes (she said 'no way' would I have diabetes as I actually felt fine, but after testing me, sent me directly to the diabetes hospital.

I'm on Lantus (started on 10 units a day now up to 17) take about 10 units of humalog a day, at breakfast, sometime at lunch and at dinner. I exercise reasonably regularly and keep to a low carb diet high protein diet. I now keep my bloods to about 8. I still have a couple of glasses of wine reasonably regularly. This doesn't seem to have much of an impact.

I honestly find my diabetes doesn't impact my life significantly, I'll like to get my bloods down a bit more, but life happily goes on. Good luck!

I get really great support from diabetes specialists here in New Zealand. Will look at the book you mention.