10 Reasons Why You Should Join a Diabetes Social Network

Why connecting with others with diabetes is so important
It’s been five years since I started navigating the waters of social media. I was trying to get a feel for what others were seeing in MySpace, so I joined it and I soon joined Facebook too. Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites were part of the plethora of social media destinations I visited periodically. They all had one thing in common: they allowed me to socialize and share with others online.

Since late 2006, I have embraced social networking and diabetes like I never imagined I would. It came as the result of a burning desire to apply my love for social media to something beyond socializing. Since the start of TuDiabetes in March 2007, more than two dozen social networks about diabetes have been launched…

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Great article, and very true. When my daughter was diagnosed her doctors weren’t as helpful as they should have been. So I went online and learned a lot of what I needed to know. It also made me feel so much better to see other children who had gone through the same things my daughter did, doing just fine with it. When she gets older (she’s 3) I’ll encourage her to go online and do the same.

Manny when first found out that i had diabetes i keep telling my self that cant be true because i was doing everything that my doctor told me to do and then i said well i have it theres not a thing i can do be deal with it everyone on my mothers side of the famliy had it and my sister and brother has it so i was like ok i can deal with it then i met you and then i had hope again because there are lot of people that have it like my best friend he had it since he was 11 yrs old and alot of my friends have it and tell them to check out the wed page its alot of help i would like to say thank you for strting it up .

Thanks Manny for your great article.I will post it to all staff in my hospital today .

thanks Manny, you and TuD have made such a huge difference in my life. I’ve been here now over a year, and just knowing that I’m not alone has helped.

I have always believed in the support of getting together with others, that are living with diabetes.Well before the computer arrived in our home .We have in my community ( of about 17,000 ) a support group for insulin pumpers and a support group for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Anyone is welcome at these support groups .I am now also able to share what I learn at the TuDiabetes ( not all that computer savvy YET ) and keep sharing the importance of this site.
Thank You Manny and Team .

I posted this article in facebook,hoping people will get to know about us and join to benefit as diabetes and prediabetes is an epidemic in the gulf.
I learnt a lot since I joined 14 of July 2008.I improved my standard of my practice a lot.
And I made friends with wonderful members here.
Bless you Manny and all of you.