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In April of this year (2014) I joined a social media site called TuDiabetes.org. This site was started with the intention of bringing together diabetics of all types and those people close to diabetics who are impacted by the disease as well.

I joined the site because I have spent my entire life at odds with my disease and the constant struggle, hatred, stress, and rebellion had taken it's toll and left me beaten, broken, and on the verge of death. I knew I needed help, support, and understanding in order to improve my life, psychology, emotional state, outlook, and physical health. I needed people who understood my struggle, who could relate and give me hope and advice. People who could help me stand and be strong.

It was the best thing I could ever have done for myself to join TuDiabetes.

TuDiabetes.org is a program of Diabetes Hands Foundation and was founded by Manny Hernandez (a diabetic) and his wife, Andreina, in 2007. The site offers many options to help diabetics improve themselves, find information, friendship, understanding, and so much more.

When you join you will first create your own profile where you can offer any information you are comfortable sharing such as what type of diabetes you have (or your family member if you are not the one with diabetes), what you are looking for on the site, such as information, people to relate to your struggle, etc., what tools you use to manage your diabetes, and any other information you want to offer.

Your profile page is customizable just like many other social media sites offer. And the site offers many ways to interact with other diabetics and those close to diabetics. You can post blogs about your experiences relating to diabetes. You can join in on discussions about so very many diabetes topics such as pumps, injections, highs and lows, complications of diabetes, coping emotionally, and anything else you might want to discuss.

The site offers special events such as live interviews with doctors, organizations, advocates, etc.,

There are groups available on the site you can join where only specific topics are discussed. Groups can be about anything diabetes related such as those suffering with neuropathy, or women with diabetes, or those following Dr. Bernstein's teachings, or diabetics with retinopathy, or diabetes and pregnancy, and so, so many more groups.

You can post photos and share videos on the site. You can make so many awesome friends who are just like you and fully understand what it is like to be a diabetic or live closely with a diabetic. This is an amazing thing, a very special thing, to have so many others who are going through just the same things as you and are so willing to help, share their knowledge, and just be so very supportive.

Right away I was greeted by many members who welcomed me and offered understanding, support, and friendship. And over the months that understanding, support, and friendship has not waivered, in fact, it has grown. I have joined in on many discussions and learned so much. My health and emotional outlook have both improved immensely because of the tips, support, encouragement, and education I have been given.

At about the same time that I joined TuDiabetes, I had decided to write on my blog about my life with diabetes. Because of the encouragement and support from my friends on Tudiabetes, my blog has grown and improved and I have been able to share my knowledge, experience, encouragement, and reach out to other diabetics who are struggling and just need to be able to find others to relate to and find knowledge and support in.

If you are a diabetic or close to a diabetic, then you will find understanding, support, and knowledge at TuDiabetes. This site will make your life so much better.

Great write up!!

I always read everything you post, so you are a valuable resource for me. Thanks.

Wow, Thank you! :D

thanks Tamra! I've made many close friends here & it's really helped me deal with my d

everything you said is so true

What a wonderful advocate you have becomeā€¦TuD is the place to be, and I totally agree with you. Literally, opened my eyes up to the DOC.

All Bright Blessings, Tamra. You have captured the spirit and the commitment at the core of this wonderful place.....Judith in Portland