Do you ever post articles on Facebook about Diabetes? And, do you get any responses from your friends?

I post articles I find relevant and interesting. I also post links to mine and other blogs. And Memes, and the occasional Youtube video. I often get a lot of "likes" and some comments.

Is there a specific reason you ask?

I do the same. I think I've only posted one thing personal about me having a very low bg of 23. I did get a lot of comments on that one.

I usually post articles of new upcoming devices. I suppose because at the time I'm reading it I get emotional and excited and I want to share that excitement with everyone. But, it seems like no one is interested. I'll maybe get one or two "likes".

I was just wondering if it was worth sharing if no one seems interested. A little bit of a let down I suppose. That's all.

Sportster - I sometimes share the same ambivalence when sharing any of my diabetes experience online. I've come to appreciate over the years that, in general, people are more consumed with their own daily issues and challenges.

There exists a general non-interest in the many diseases people experience. Think about it. When was the last time you were curious about MS, lupus, ALS or any disease that you don't have a personal connection to?

Even among diabetics I often find my level of diabetes treatment interest uncommon. Very few people have the time or inclination to devote to diabetes care that I do. I understand and accept that.

But then ocassionally I make a real connection with someone online. It's not that common but satisfying nonetheless. The general non-response I sometimes experience reminds me to be humble. I am not really important in the grand scheme of things.

I was just wondering if it was worth sharing if no one seems interested.

Yes, it certainly is worth it and I'll tell you why. This medium that we post to persisits over time. We'll never know if some person, days, weeks, or even years later sees your post or comment and gets your sentiment. It may even make a big positive difference in their lives!

I firmly believe that genuine human sharing, even in the digital online world, is a worthwhile activity even if you don't immediately sense that you've been heard.

I'll have to agree with you about the curiousness of other diseases. But, if I have a family member or friend that has a disease I will do some research to get familiar with it to some extent.

Even among diabetics I often find my level of diabetes treatment interest uncommon.

I have both Type 1 and Type 2's on my page and I was hoping that they would respond in order to get the conversation going to raise some awareness.

Thank you for telling me it’s worth posting. I have to believe that even if they don’t respond they’re still hopefully reading it.

I agree, Sportster. It's an act of kindness to take a personal interest in the troubles of a family member or close friend. In this hectic crush of earning a living and taking care of so many daily requirements, some of us forget/fail to extend that kindness. All any of us can do is to control our own behavior. You make a good point.

The only articles I post are to diabetes groups I belong to. On my own page, I'll occasionally post some funny diabetes meme or a message about Diabetes Month, but I keep it really basic. I usually get several likes, and a few comments such as "I'm glad you're still doing OK".

I find that there are many different ways people cope, respond, and react to their disease. I am very outspoken and open about my diabetes, but my five other type 1 family members, fiend with type 1, and many type 2's I know, are very private about theirs.

Sometimes people shut down about worrisome, heartbreaking, "bad", things. I say keep posting and talking about it and hopefully you will help others to open up about theirs...and then you can support each other!

You are correct in hoping they do read it even if they don't respond. In my experience, people see (and click on) so many Facebook posts a day, they simply can not comment on all of them.

No, I don’t. And I don’t consider it any more classy to be doing that than someone posting on wide open unrelated forums about their hemoroids, erectile dysfunction, or any other health problem that is nobody else’s business. I’m not sure why everyone with diabetes feels so entitled to be insistent that everyone shares their problem… I’m not aware of one other disease where that trend is present like that.

Think, how many times have you felt obligated to try to explain the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes to someone who has no reason to care? Now think, how many times have you been cornered and force-educated about the differences between hepatitis A and B? Why the disparity? It’s bizarre… I chose to keep my health problem to myself or only discuss it amongst people in a place like this, where that’s what people actually came to discuss.

I've posted some links about various diabetes info and research, none of my friends paid much attention as I recall as compared to other things I share there, I haven't posted that much lately, mostly music and photos here and there.

I made some youtube videos about diabetes and various other health and drug issues which various people including medical students have commented on- they thanked me for the information and for sharing my experiences as well as wishing me the best. I also post some of my dex graphs along with my other photos at instagram and I've had a very positive response from pwd and non pwd. Other people post about their various health issues at instagram also as well as D- it's nice to share the thoughts and experiences and to give each other support. I actually felt more of a community and freedom to share at instagram than anywhere else.

I do and I do. I "came out of the diabetes closet" on FB a few years ago. I had some friends from when I used to hang out on the ADA boards who found me and, while I only like to do one message board at a time, I enjoyed kibbitzing with them and have run into some other folks and so on and so on. Theonetype from here found me too and some of the other Tu folks I encountered at the 2013 ADA Scientific Meeting and a whole bunch of folks now from the Unconference just a couple of weeks ago. My "straight" friends applaud some of my efforts, e.g. when I share CGM pics or shots of my "in range" screen on my pump (11/81/9 or something like that...). There's also a 5.5 and 99 club where people (including Swisschocolate) share meter/ CGM pics of those happy numbers but again, some of my straight friends will *like* those too so I'd say it's been a "win". I haven't perceived anyone "unfriending" me due to the D-bomb going off in their newsfeed. I also had a friend, one of my wife's college buddies, I still recall encountering Frank Sinatra's "The Best is Yet to Come" at their wedding, reach out to me through FB when her daughter was dx'ed at 26. I've also met some IRL buddies so the daughter is going to join our meetup. At a brew pub, LOL. And has turned up on Tu! So what comes around has come around for me.

Yes, I do share the occasional item with my FB friends, but it is normally when there is something that needs the sugar-normals to get involved. For example, just yesterday I posted a link to the JDRF page asking for people to contact their legislators to support the "Medicare CGM Access Act of 2015"

The response has been similar to my other FB posts - lukewarm at best.

I will keep on keeping on, but actually I have been trying to reduce my FB time, so I can keep up with my real life.

Good point, Tamra. People do cope in different ways.

Angivan, I'm sort of new to Facebook so, I haven't joined any diabetes groups. Am I missing out by not joining? I usually come to TuD when I want to talk about "D". Oh, BTW, glad you're still doing ok!!! :)

Sam do you really read posts about hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction etc.? Some people are way too open about health issues! I consider those topics to be way too personal to post public.

I never post anything personal like that. Only informational videos that I find very interesting or new upcoming devices and research.

meee, I would love to view your youtube videos.

I'm not on instagram but, I am on Twitter and seeing other peoples graphs catches my attention.

acid, I found you on FB a while back and I wanted to send you a friend request but, I didn't want you to think I was a stalker!!!! LOL!! BTW, I'm not one of those people that need thousands of friends on FB. So, if I add you it's because I consider you a special friend.

Thanks for the feedback!

YogaO, Thanks for sharing the JDRF page. I pray that more people respond to their legislators and support it. I can't imagine having to give up my CGM.

All the time. It never occured to me not to…I put everything else on there, so why not diabetes related things :stuck_out_tongue:

As for responses…well my mom always has supportive comments :p. Otherwise it’s mostly one of my 10 or so diabetic friends who have an opinion. Occasionally my friends who work in Healthcare will say something, but even that’s rare.

Good for you Amy! I really don't expect non-diabetic friends to respond but, whenever the conversation gets going I feel like it informs people and brings more awareness.