11 weeks pregnant and sugar keeps droping in the 30's

So im almost 11 weeks pregnant and my sugar has been good for not going on the high side but im constantly dealing with it dropping..Like tonight my sugar was 60 then 58 then 48 then 35 then 37 all after each time i treated with glucose tablets and it wasnt helping at all..Im concerned that im hurting the baby and very frustrated with it all...Im trying my best to do everything right and it seems like its always something..i just hope the babys okay!!

My pregnancy with my daughter, who is now 17 3/4 years old, was exactly like that. I had never needed glucagon in my 22 years of diabetes before that pregnancy. My husband learned how to inject it by force and we went through 2 or 3 glucagon kits some weeks because I would fall unconscious while sleeping when my blood sugar dropped to the teens. One of my doctors told my husband in an emergency room visit to try putting honey under my tongue to help it absorb faster. I still use that today.

I know the lows mean the baby is being deprived of nutrition, and assume it has the potential to cause problems, but my daughter has no problems due to that. She was a few weeks early, by force, because I had toxemia and my kidney shut down and they had to do an emergency C-section. She was in newborn ICU with an oxygen requirement for 3 weeks and came home right about on her due date. She has asthma, but so do I. She has celiac disease and food allergies, but so do I. There is nothing wrong that she didn't inherit.

I would suggest that you consume twice as many carbs treating lows while you are pregnant. You are feeding two of you, so maybe that's why it takes more to deal with a low and put a stop to the slides. It is also something I would discuss with your OB-Gyn and endocrinologist or primary care doc. Mine didn't seem to know what else to tell me, but that was long ago.


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I would talk to your doctor, and cut back on the amount of insulin you are taking. Needing less insulin at this time. Wishing you well. xo

Oh my the same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my twins last year and in late 2008. I had to check my sugar a whole lot because the 30's kept coming for a while. The lows should settle very soon for you though. It's mostly a hassle for the first 3 months. Then you'll need more insulin! Honestly, the only thing that helped me get through all the insulin change needs was checking a lot so if you can do that, it will help catch dangerous lows and highs before they go too out of whack. Good luck!

Thanx everyone it makes me feel alot better knowing im not the only one that this is happening to..Does anyone know does the low blood sugars hurt the baby like high ones do?

Same for me for both of my pregnancies. Sounds like the insulin should be decreased at least until the 12th week. The lows are coming from the hormones created in the placenta during the first trimester. I was told that the lows do not hurt the baby. Actually, the lower the insulin the better in terms of lowering the baby's reaction to it. You are not alone. Each trimester is totally different due to the different hormones at play. The second trimester was always my favorite, probably because my numbers were more even.