146 after some Mike's Hard Lemonaide

sooooo I dont drink much. I went to a comedy show with hubs on Sat. at Koots. (it was ok not great.) I had my insulin and dinner before the show, 5 units of humalog and a turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread with mayo. right afterwards I also had 1 1/2 mikes hard lemonaides. thats about all I drink, oh yes and margaritas!! mmmm!
2 hrs later my BG was 146. not bad considering how much sugar must be in those drinks. but that is the highest my sugars have been in a long time. havent gone over 120 in a while. :slight_smile: I’ve heard that when you drink you should not take extra insulin and you should eat more so your sugar doesnt go too low. so 146 not bad. but next time I’ll only have 1. or just not drink, I’m happy with cold water.

sounds like you did good—i on the other hand, had 2 margaritas on Saturday—dropped to 40 mg—took me 2 hours to get over 70 mg—then had an apparant occulsion in my infustion set and woke up at 448. Terrible. Just Terrible.

Mmm. Mikes and margaritas are my favorites, when I chose to have a drink, which is also rare. 146 sounds pretty good for a splurge.