276, 249, 213, 264, 297, 261, 67

That was my BG numbers since yesterday at 4:30 when I had the low of 67 mg/dl! and since then it is high!! Am confused!!
67 (4:30pm)
261 (8:20pm)
297 (10:30pm)
264 (midnight)
213 (4:30am)
Gave correction boluses every time I tested.
I know you will ask what I eat:
For dinner it was home made Burgers so I counted correctly, eat some fries as well.
After dinner I didn’t eat anything carby! Only a cucumber and Cheese.
249 (7:40am)before like half an hour from breakfast. I eat egg omlet with Mashrooms, Olives, and Cheese with 2 french toasts = 17 cabrs plus a banana and peach for 10 carbs!
276 (10:30am)Now

I did change site with a new infusion set, but no use!!! CONFUSED!

did you try swapping out your insulin? Perhaps it went bad . . . .

Didn’t try that, but I don’t think so! Since if it was bad then my BG will be higher in the 300s or 400s! I think it is working but kinda bad or slow for some reason!!! I don’t know?

If it stayed like this when I go back home,am gonna give my self a shot of any amount and see, if it was the insulin or my body!?

Thanks for your input Dov

yes, start out with everything new - insulin, reservoir, and I would open a new box of infusion sets. once in a blue moon I get a bad box. hope your numbers come down soon, Al!

oh, I think 2 French toasts, a banana and a peach are more than 27 carbs, too

LOL, the french toasts are 17grams thats whats on the label and the banana is always 10!! LOL

Hope so!!! Yikes! Thx Marie for pointing that out

hope you get your bg back in range soon!

I don’t know about the french toast, but I think that a banana is much more than 10g… I love bananas… I bolus 30g for a large banana-- 20g for a smaller one.

I can see spikes like that when my carb counting is off by 10g even, which happens quite often with me :frowning:

Update 232 mg/dl (12:28)

Eat nothing, just drink black coffee and water!

just wondering if you checked for ketones…at least you’re going down

I am sorry that your BS is giving you trouble, but I think that you might be underestimating your carb counts…I can’t pass judgment on the french toast (although, since a slice of sandwich bread has ~15 g carbs, 17 seems a bit conservative for two ‘french toasts’), but I LOVE bananas and eat them almost everyday. For a general rule of thumb (no pun intended), a banana of normal girth that reaches from your wrist to the end of your thumb has about 15 g of carbs, and most bananas are longer than that, in my experience. Add in the peach and you are way over the 10 g you accounted for.

I hope that you get your sugar in range, though…

Na I never check for ketones and never believed in doing so! When I pay the bottle will test once and I will have a Negative and then it will stay in the closet until it expire and I through away!

Thanks for the information and the thoughts, will see if counting it more will make a difference!

Hi Ahmad…Bananas are very slow acting in my body so my sugar stays high 4 awhile even after i bolus…but i like Kristin … do 30 for a banana and a peach ( med ) is 10 or less… so total carbs are 40 …That is how i bolus for these 2 fruits. Needless to say i stay away from bananas they are terrible for MY sugars…Good Luck Hope this helps you some…

They are hard to find, but I buy single, foil wrapped ketone strips… then you can use one without the rest expiring! I bought mine on ebay.

Update 2:30pm

Finally it came down to 123 and I eat lunch and bloused correctly (hope so!)

Thank you all for the support and trying to figure my confusion!!