14K People With Diabetes Test Their Blood Sugar at the Same Time

128 !!!



Sorry I got mine in late.

My blood sugar at 2:41 MT is 136…finally getting it down from 256! I had a Cortisone shot in my thumb this morning that jacked-up my readings a little…
Good job everyone!!!

sugar is still not right still trying to get insulin right reading 313

My teen zipped in from his job at a soccer camp and is 156 mg/dl

93 :slight_smile:

I needed to be a part of this… 100

I got two FB friends to check BG:

One 118
The other 119

BG 4pm reading … 76

i’m a little late bg 122 time to eat have a good day everyone!!!

174 ehhh

111 ! Late, but it still counts! :slight_smile: love this idea.

360 :frowning:
first day on my pump.

184 and I was at an advanced pumping seminar!

well it took me over half an hour to get registered so I could post!


*after first trip to the gym in a verrry long time…

188 Oh well!

148 mg/dl at 4 pm EST for #14kpwd. :smiley:

HAHA that was the same as my non-D husbands :slight_smile:

My blood sugar at 4:51 p.m. EST is … 97. YEAH!!!

i’ve been there keep working at it things will fall into place for you . it takes a little time good luck…pumping for 5 years steve :slight_smile: