14K People With Diabetes Test Their Blood Sugar at the Same Time

(this event is based on a suggestion by Kelly Rawlings)

July 14, we are very close to 10,000 members. By now, EsTuDiabetes, our sister community in Spanish, has passed 4,300 members. Between the two communities we now have 14,000 members… 14,000 people that will test their blood sugar at the same time and post it HERE.

We hope to see most readings posted at 4 pm ET on July 14:

IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER and DO NOT WISH TO JOIN TUDIABETES, you can post your BG reading on Twitter: when you do so, please include the #14KPWD hashtag and link back to http://14KPWD.org. You can also update your Facebook status including your reading and a link back to http://14KPWD.org.

If you are a few minutes late, however, or are able to post your blood sugar reading earlier or later that day, it’s OK. The whole point is raising awareness about testing your blood sugars regularly.
If YOU don’t have diabetes, just tell someone who does to test and share on July 14.

To avoid getting a bunch of emails notifying you each time other members post their BG reading, I recommend you click on the “Stop Following” link at the bottom of this page, as shown in this figure:

If you don't see the words "Stop Following" at the bottom of the page, you are good. You won't get a flood of emails as others share their glucose value.

If you feel any local media outlet would be interested in covering this, here is the press release we put together about it (attached below).
7392-PressReleaseforTuDiabetes_0714Kmembersfinal.pdf (162 KB)




I know but thank you Rebecca!! :slight_smile:

118 , great idea, manny, and congrats.

My reading at 4 p.m. was 6.2 - not sure how to post it with everyone elses??

Did anyone notice? Did anyone notice? I HOPE SO!!! :slight_smile:

152… Better than sometimes 1.5 hours after lunch…

You just did, Ann. Thanks for joining in as part of this beautiful community effort!!

  1. :frowning:

Look at you!! ROCKING!

Changing sites?

I’m late but at 3:50 I was 35 (oy.) and now, at 4:35, I’m at 134.

175 per meter, 165 per cgm. Must have miscounted the lunch carbs…or gremlins maybe :slight_smile:

Blood sugar taken at 2pm, MST - 143 mg/dl. Not bad for an hour after lunch.

Darn those gremlins… !!! ;-0>

Glad that you corrected!!


Remember it always gets better… Hang in there, brave one! {:wink: