18 Holes of Golf AND a Cart...Low Blood Sugar


Hey everyone, I love to play golf. I enjoy walking, and it is obvious that unless precautions are taken you will go low while walking a round. However, I find that I go low even when I ride in a cart. Does anyone else have issues with this? I just don't see 18 holes while riding much of an exercise.


I golf too, and my blood sugar starts dropping already on the driving range. To me golf has serious impact on my blood sugar, and from what I´ve read you do use a few calories even when you use a cart.

Neil Wolkodoff, MD at the Colorado Center for Health Sports and Science has studied the calorie use and has come up with these numbers for 18 holes:

Carry a bag 1442 calories
Trolley 1436 calories
Cart 822 calories

This might put hings in perspective for your.

Enjoy your game!

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