1st Pod Failure

Had my first pod failure ever! I’ve been using the Omni Pod since March and this is the first time I’ve ever had trouble with it! My sugars have been crazy the last few day and I’m still not sure why but the pod I was wearing today that failed I had just put on yesterday evening. So I’m not sure if the other pod wasn’t working quite right like this one or not.
I had it on my side/backside kind of in between the two in a nice fatty spot that doesn’t get bumped, a place I’ve put them a hundred times before and low and behold a failure! I plan on calling insulet as soon as I find the number, probably tomorrow, not sure if the number is 24hr??

It is 24hr but I’ve heard that better customer service happens during business hours. I’ve always called during business hours and always received great service. Sometimes even two or three days after pod failure. The number can be found on the PDM, the pods, and all the pod packaging material. It’ll be ok, it’s scary when the alarm goes off but Insulet has always handled my problems politely and promptly and I’ve had no complaints. You’ve done really well if this is your first time calling since March!

Thanks, I actually didn’t know what the noise was when I heard it, I ran around checking all the electronic stuff in the house and finally realzied the sound was following me! lol

Just talked to insulet and they told me the error ref. number that the pod gave doesn’t give a specific reason why thepod failed, just that it failed for safety purposes. I’d say it was a safety reason the darn thing wasn’t working! Anyhow they were very nice and they are sending out a new pod w/ a mailer to return the failed one in. But I still have no solution to the failure.

maybe you just got really crappy pods? LOL Hope you have better luck in the future. I’ve counted my blessings every time someone talks about all the failures they’ve had and I try to give them positive feedback, I really love the pod, no one likes the problems though!! Hopefully I don’t start getting alot of failures!