Question re the glucose readings/guides

is it possible that for some people there’s a natural need for more sugar in their blood, to function. that even though tests indicates a diabetic they will not suffer from any of the ills of diabetes. it seems that the ranges/guides are too cut in dry.

I think it’s more than some people get used to having high BG & they don’t feel well at more normal readings until their bodies get acclimated to being lower. I guess that 10 pts either way outside the norm isn’t a big deal for human variation. What kind of numbers are you referring to?

Normal is normal & high isn’t healthy.

Are you looking for a rationalization to have high BG:)

thanks gerri. i’m guilty as to rationalization, and denial. as to the numbers i seem to be out of the norm most of the time by just 15 to 20 points. when i get to norm according to the limits i tend to get uneasy and just not me until i eat something. i’m curious as to my readings, in evening verses before anything in the am. for example in evening after an earlier diner i might have a 120-130 reading i’ll have a no carb snack expecting my morning reading to be lower then my evening but most of the time it’s higher not by much but higher. i trust the science of it but i’ve got to get a better understanding of me.


Not easy (been there), but it’s better to try to resist eating when your numbers are in the normal range. Don’t mess with perfect:) Doesn’t take long to reset our bodies to feeling good at more normal levels.

Have you tried having no snack before bed? It’s not just carbs that effect BG, though carbs certainly have the most dramatic effect. Depending on what you had for dinner (protein & fat take longer to digest), it could be delayed digestion that accounts for higher morning readings. Glad it’s not much higher. Dawn phenomenon though more common in T1s, can also happen in T2s.

If only our bodies came with a manual!

thanks for your comments and suggestions. i’ll try the no snack before sleep and see what happens with the am readings. i appreciate you all.

Let us know what happens. We’re all self-experiments.

hi, i just had about 1/2 cup of milk ( skim ) late last night to take a pain pill i should take with milk/food. i had my low carb dinner about 3 hours before and my read before the milk was 131.great since as i understand it should be less the 180 2 hours after a meal. so 131 makes me proud. BUT this am about 8:30 before bf or coffee my read was 133. i was hoping to see it lower no more then 110. but at least avoiding solid food as a snack last night i did not see a read in the 140-160s. i know that milk has lactose a form of sugar but would it be the reason for the sugar holding steady over the night. about 9 hrs sleep. tonight i’ll hope i won’t need the pain pill and thus avoid the milk or any other food. assuming no carbs going in before bed time tonight; my morning read should be lower at least a bit.

131 is great! BG should be lower than 180 after meals. Over 140 is where damage occurs.

What was the reading before bed? Or, do you go to sleep two hours after eating?

aprox. 3 hours after dinner at home around 7:30pm it was 131. this morning at 8:30 ish before eating or drinking anything it was at 133. i had a good 12-13 lapse before testing againing, which i consider a fasting reading. should have been below 120 but it was at 133. seems like it just wants to stay in the mid 130 in am. i cain’t believe that 1/2 cup of skim milk ( whatever sugar is in it ) would keep the reading higher then before going to bed. thanks for following up with me and probing what i’m doing and my concerns. a light just went on ! i’m taking a capsal. 1000mg of glucophage with bf and another right after diner. maybe my medication habits need to be modified. my pimary care is a great lady but regarding my diabetes ? i’m starting to get the feeling that she’s shooting from the hip.

It’s helpful to know what your reading was immediately before bed, unless the 131 (3 hours after eating) was your bedtime number.

Fasting is fasting:)

4 oz of skim milk doesn’t have many carbs. Dawn phenonmenon typically results in significantly higher fasting relative to bedtime reading. Yours was the same. No difference between 131-133, unless 131 wasn’t your before bed reading.

Worth getting a referral to an endo.

thanks for the ''dawn phenonomenon" lead. i looked into it on the net and it’s description seems very close to what i’m experiancing. one of the sites mentioned a 3 day cgm procedure that can be prescribed by doctor. seems like my doctor will prescribe almost anything but i don’t think she’s much into the research. does anyone know of companies that rent short term.


Great idea to get a CGM & really see what’s going on. I don’t have one, but it seems that a lot of people here love Dexcom 7. Danny’s the man to go to for info on Dex. You need an Rx for a CGM & the sensors. You may need an endo for the loaner.

Dawn phenomenon is a slippery devil. I have it & many others also. Lots of info here you can search.

Know you’re T2, but more T2s are prescribed insulin to help after meal & fasting BG when metformin isn’t providing the results they need. Some are just on basal insulin (slow-acting background insulin) & some take basal & bolus insulin (rapid acting for meals).

thank you. i’ll keep in touch. yep ! got to find an endo that’s up to speed. my a1c has been constant after medicating, around 6. and my doctor says your doing fine. great to hear but the concerns other wise seem to back burner. i’ll inquire about endos in my area and before making appointment i’ll clear that a short period of cgm is along with other services is a given for the endos. not something i’ll need to to a sell job for. you are becoming my guardian angel. giving me leads and just plain old good feeling of having a good buddy to get on the right paths.

Happy to be your buddy!

Are you logging all your readings? An endo will want to review them. Docs & insurance companies like CGMs more to track lows for patients on insulin since those present an immediate danger.

yes, i log it all, i test 3-4 times a day. i do it faithfully for two reasons. first because it’s the smart thing to do to keep track of myself. secondly medicare pays for supplies but i need to turn in a 30 day log every 6 months. not really a big deal but it has me in the habit of recording on a daily basis. there’s very good reasons why type 1s should be cgm monitored to get a real world ( theirs ) a minute by minute understanding of their condition and how to protect themselves. for newbee type 2s that want to understand how they tick i believe at least some short term cgm would give useful insights. if i do have dawn pheno. it would give the endo. info. particular to me better then testing 3-4 times a day. how do i find danny for the dexcom info. thanks

Great you’re keeping logs! Is the smart thing to do.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that a CGM wouldn’t provide valuable info for anyone. Just that insurance companies tend to approve them for people with a history of lows. Hopefully, a loaner wouldn’t be difficult to get.