2 questions regarding OmniPod site infection

  1. How do I know if an OmniPod site is infected (while it’s on, and when I take it off)?
  2. If infected, what can I do that would not require going to the doctor or the hospital?


I am assumning based on the issure that you have a bit of a sore underneith the pod on the site of last adhesion(?) This is VERY common and usually is no need for concern. I usually have a small “mosiquito bite” when I remove my pod, it may even be bleeding a very tiny bit ( I would say about 50% if tht time). It usually lasts about 2 - 3 hours then just fades. I would not be concerned unless it is larger than a penny and bleeds excessively, or hurts like &^%$#. Very common, no need for concern. I hope this helps, and PEACE.

In 3 years of wearing the pod, my son has had only 1 infection. We washed it with soap and water, applied Neosporin and it cleared up in a couple of days. The site was not just bleeding, but was oozing as well.

He often has a bit of a red bump left after we remove a pod. To my knowledge, this is just an irritation, not an infection.

  1. I would think the site would be the same as an infected cut, warm to touch, pain, redness, swelling… I have a lot of experience with irritated sites while wearing the pod, and I can tell those based on pain to touch, pain during bolusing, or blood sugar rise for no reason.

  2. I guess the safest answer is if in doubt, call your omnipod rep or Dr. That being said, I have not had a site infection, but I would treat it just like a cut, clean and neosporin, if it gets worse (ooze, warm to touch, fever) or pain and redness persists, then I would call the dr.

Thank you everyone! You’ve certainly put me at ease! This is very useful information indeed.

My son had an infection during his first month on the pod. He had shaved the site and a razor bump got infected under the adhesive. When he took off the pod the spot was red like a big boil, raised and about the size of a quarter and very tender to the touch. We continued to keep an eye on it for part of a day as it continued to swell larger to about the size of a half dollar. When we disagreed on whether it was getting larger (teenagers!), we circled it with a Sharpie. Mom won (it was getting larger) and we were off the dr. office for antibiotics. After antibiotics, it started to decrease in size and eventually healed. They also recommended moist heat.

This is the only infection he has had and it was not where the cannula inserted. It was miserable so now he is very careful not to cover old, not totally healed insertion spots, irritated spots or other blemishes with the pod.

I’ve has 2 site infections in 18 months of podding. I knew after having those pods on for a day or two that there was an infection because I was having pain at the site. After removing the pods there was a large welt which was sore to the touch that eventually needed to be drained. I contacted my doctor both times & took antibiotics. I havent had any other infections since becoming much more careful in cleaning the pod site with alcohol pads prior to putting them on. I have some fear about picking up an infection while swimming, but perhaps that is just me.

On the swimming topic…my son swims 4-5 days per week and has had no problem with infections. Just thought I would pass on our experience.

After getting the initial infection, we switched my son from IV Prep to a product called “Hibistat” which was recommended by someone on this site. It comes in packets and a liquid and it suppossed to give 6 hours of protection from bacteria. Some Sports Medicine Trainers use it by the gallon in locker rooms to cut down on MRSA.

We stopped using it when it became harder to get when CVS stopped carrying the smaller quantities of the packets. Several Sports Medicine type websites have it but it is fairly expensive and they only sell it in very large quantities. So far so good without it but it might be an option for those prone to infection.