Had my first infection after podding 3 months

Hi all, this is my first real post. I’ve been on the Pod since March & just had my first infection at an infusion site on my arm. I was placed on antibiotics for 10 days and all is well now. I have a few questions: are infections unusual, and what would I do if I was away from home & not able to see my regular doctor? Other than that I will say I LOVE the system. I just returned from Scotland where I played 11 rounds of golf in 8 days, all walking, and had no problems with the system or getting thru airport security. john

I’ve had some as well, hey I started around march as well. I find that sleeping on them hurts sometimes. I didn’t take any medicine (no doc yet). I just put neosporin and hot wash cloth to it, and some ibs and it was fine. Anytime a site hurts I try to remember to change it. Going to doc was a good idea though.

1 in 3 months isnt too bad IMO. I had a stretch a few years back where every one of mine got infected over a ~3 week period (Like 5 total changes) but I switched up my disinfecting regiment before inserting and it had worked very well ever since. Its seems like sometimes no matter what you do it will get that way. Good choice on seeing a doc though! Hopefully you feel better!