I have been a giving my self shots and such for 13 years. On the POD for almost two years and never had an issue with an infection. We went on vacation down to the Florida Keys and I had my pod on the inside of my thigh. On the drive down Sunday it was irritating me a little. Monday it was hurting so I switched it out early. Tuesday my thigh was swelled and red from my knee to my hip and looked like someone had inserted a golf ball under my skin where the pod was. Went to a walk-in clinic in Marathon and the Dr. gave me meds to get it under control. It was Saturday before I could walk with out a limp.

I have had pods irritate me before, but I don't think I'll tough it next time. It was not worth being gimped up for a week. Especially on vacation.

Wow! Sorry you had to deal with that. I am curious to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Yes, we have had something similar. Get a hard knot under the skin, and it's been very tender. I don't know if it's something that just happens, or whether it's from a site area that has been used too much (not letting adequate rest for a particular site) and finally bruises or reacts very badly. Anyway, we just have to avoid the site for two weeks and then it's been fine. I think it has hurt him, but he's not gotten gimpy, although there isn't much that slows down a two year old.

Was it dx'd as an infection? Were you given antibiotics? Do you know what caused it?

It was dx'd as an infection and given 10 days worth of antibiotics. I'm very regimented with my cleaning and prep for my pod, so I don't know what caused it.

I've been told that Infections in general are a 1 in 1000 chance. Not a very low possibility IMHO. Of course good cleaning helps a lot, but nothing is perfect when it comes to infection. Sorry you have to deal with it.

I had something interesting myself just a day ago. Basically I had a "bleeder". Noticed some blood in the viewing window on the pod a few hours after setting a new one up. It was on my arm in a place near where I'd used them before. As the two days I normally wear a pod moved on, the blood became more apparent. I watched it, but still held out my normal 2 days. Upon removing the pod, I had a bonified gusher! And a bit of a knot around the area too. A good tight bandaid stopped it, but I'm kinda afraid to take the bandaid off now :) I guess these happen from time to time too.

Yes, they do - I hate gushers!

Uglycus - (I'll bet youre not!) When you say you are "diligent" you ALWAYS prep the new site with alcohol, and when the new pod is on do you re-prep around the new pod? That was the way I was trained back in 2005...and I have never had an infection problem...sorrey about your little problem, good luck and PEACE.

I setup a kit for every pod and use a rubber band to hold it all together. It has two alcohol prep pads, Skin Tac pad, two 1"x4" strips of Opsite flexifix tape and a TacAway pad. I use the alcohol pad first and let it dry, then the Skin Tac and let it dry. I place the pod and put the two strips of tape over the nose and back of the pod. Use the second alcohol pad to clean around the new site and the TacAway (just a giant alcohol pad) to clean the up the old site.

I was Dx'd as type1 in '99 and was MDI up until the last couple of years. I have never had an infection related to D before. I think my down fall was not pulling the pod when it was first bothering me and taking care of it then.

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