2018 JDRF Revenue and Expenses Overview

JDRF released their 2018 audited financial statements last week. Key takeaways are detailed in the bullets below.

  • JDRF is an extremely effective fundraising organization. It raised $227 million in 2018. See Appendix A.

  • Nearly all of JDRF’s money comes from fundraising.

  • JDRF spent (expenses) $208 million in 2018, up from $193 million in 2017. See Appendix B.

  • 37% of JDRF money spent in 2018 was used to fund research grants. The other 63% was used for non-grant expenses such as public education, lobbying, meetings, and salaries.

  • 67% of money spent in 2008 was used to fund research grants, while only 33% was used for non-grant expenses.

  • $156 million was spent on research grants in 2008, compared to only $84 million in 2018— a remarkable decline of nearly 50%.

  • All non-research costs have increased (with the exception of office rent) in recent years. See Appendix C.

    • Payroll and Related expenses have increased by $31.2 million since 2008, up 62%.
    • Public Education expenses have increased by $20 million since 2008, up 55%.
  • JDRF has never explained nor justified the rationale behind the strategic shift that resulted in a 50% reduction in research spending levels over the past decade.

Appendix A: Sources of Income

Appendix B: JDRF Uses of Income (Expenses)

Appendix C: 2008 vs. 2018 Annual Spending Change (In Millions)

So we’re all clear, I am not the author of this report. This report comes from a JDRF watchdog group called JDCA, Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance

I feel it’s important to get JDCA’s findings and analysis out to the people who actively participate in fundraisers for JDRF. I’m not suggesting anyone turn against JDRF, nor am I criticizing. Every non-profit should be subject to oversight. Transparency is essential to forge trust.

I have raised a lot of donation money individually for JDRF. Each time I participated in a big fundraiser, I believed the funds I handed over were going directly to research to find a cure which I might benefit from during my lifetime. Unfortunately this has not been the case, but if people aren’t aware, they have no reason to demand that it change.


Thank you for keeping this important issue on our radar. I hope JDRF see’s this and responds.