21 day Sugar Detox Challenge

21 days to ditch the sugar habit

Okay everyone 5 friends and I are doing a 21 day sugar detox starting tomorrow. This will bring us to November 14th. Cleaning out your system and ridding of all bad is so good for your body. We are giving up all forms of sugar. Doing this for the next 21 days will help us go into the holidays with us ahead of the game and we will not be craving all the sugar that will be going through our homes during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. Feel free to join us!! :-)

21 day detox

So if you do you need to stop eating:

All processed sugar

All white breads

You will need to eat:

Vegetable Click here to view a list of low carb veggies.

lean meat

low glycemic fruit: Click here for a great list of what fruits are good to eat while detoxing

for snacks you can have,

Edamame beans, nuts, more veggies.

Make sure you are drinking lot’s of water to flush out the toxins.

I will warn you that giving up sugar for me takes prayer, I have to include god in the process because I have a sugar addiction. I pray often esp when I am craving sugar. The first 3 days are by far the worst after that it’s pretty much just focusing on the prize. The prize is more energy, a feeling of well being, happy and more of a steady mood.

Here is my link on Pinterest for my Sugar Detox ~ Giving up sugar. follow it to gain tips and inspiration to keep you motivated throughout the 21 days. Sugar Detox Board

Good luck everyone!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Which toxins, specifically, are you referring to?

Which toxins, specifically, are you referring to?