Further Food’s 7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Anyone interested in trying Further Food’s 7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge and sharing how it goes? I’m not ready to commit to it at the moment (although I think it’s a good idea), but I’d be interested to hear from folks who do it! I’m curious how a sugar detox affects mood, energy, mental clarity etc, as well as BG. Maybe we can even get a little group of TuDiabetes members participating and encouraging each other over here!

Is that chocolate? You didn’t tell us chocolate was involved. That makes this an entirely different “challenge.”


Indeed! Any time chocolate is involved the “challenge” somehow seems a lot less… challenging. Maybe that’s tree bark :wink:

when i click on it, it says ‘file not found’.

http://www.furtherfood.com/join-further-foods-7-day-sugar-detox-challenge/ :slight_smile:

i pretty much don’t eat sugary stuff anyway. my problem is i can overeat low carb stuff like cheese and nuts and i chew on too much sugarless gum. but i am still overall satisfied with the change in eating habits i made in 2009. my new challenges are more driven by hormonal changes like lack of a good sleep due to hot flashes and some sarcopenia.

I gave up all forms of high glycemic sugars (white, brown, powdered, honey, maple syrup, molasses, etc) in 1993. It wasn’t near as difficult as I thought it would be… probably because my partner joined me.

My emotions evened out, and I became a much calmer person. After about three weeks, I stopped craving it altogether.

Never looked back and am rarely even tempted anymore. I do make myself low carb treats using stevia :wink:

I would be happy to be part of a support group for anyone who wants to leave sugar behind.