Detoxing: good or bad idea for diabetics?

So my cousin was telling me about "detoxing"
and i really like the idea of being renergized.
then she told me the “diet” part of it-
which basically is a “healthy” drink that can push toxins out of the body.

Warm water, 2 tbsp. real lemon juice, a pinch of cheyenne pepper, 1 tbsp maple syrup.

and you drink this for 3-7 days.
im on a pump-
and i was thinking of ways this would be possible for diabetics.
and i was thinking maybe lowering my basal rate?

what does everyone think?
is detoxing just not something for us diabetics?
since we are recommended to have healthy meals throughout the day
and the possibilities of lows without food.


It is a load of ca-ca (pardon the pun). Take a look at NIH, Mayo or Joslin’s web sites and do a search for “detox.” Better yet, ask your GP or a gastroenterologist for an opinion. True, folks who go for that sort of thing will say that the ‘traditional’ doctors won’t go for it. But ask what their qualifications are, how many patients they have treated, and some generally accepted scientific tests to validate the efficacy of the technique.


I’ve been wondering myself too, but because I don’t know the after effects I don’t want to gamble on this yet. But we do need to cleanse our body. I take prune juice once in a while. Cleanse naturally. But what can we take to detox our bodies? After doing the prune juice, I make a homemade shake of cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, and one fruit in the blender gave to some energy. But I need to keep up with it.

We don’t exactly need to eat some solid food all the time, give yourself some fresh veggies and fruit for a drink. Not being cooked and eating raw gives you more nutrients.

I will talk to my doctor about this thou and let you know later. Halos, Patti

I am thinking about this too. But wasn’t thinking about any special drink, just thinking of a day of only eating raw veggies, fruit, and water.

Before I was diabetic, I would do one day fasts (only drinking water) and I found them to be physically refreshing. I don’t know if you should do this for more than a day though. 3-7 days sounds long to me. Maybe try for one day at first?

Right, I was thinking the same thing too. (kristin)

I don’t think the tonic itself is bad for diabetics, if you know the carbs in the maple syrup and bolus properly. I think trying to detox using ONLY that tonic is bad not only for diabetics but for anyone.

You can detox and get back into healthier habits without drinking a concoction like the one you described.

Plain water is the best cleanser. It’s used wordwide, been in use for centuries, plentiful where we live and is renowned as a universal cleansing agent.

Rather than go through a ritual involving an untested tonic, make up your own ritual to start healthier habits. Start with drinking water as your only beverage (or the tonic) but also eat something, following the plan described by Kristin, below. It uses stuff that is proven to be healthy for you.

Starting to eat healthier is not easy since we’re surrounded by junk all day long. One way to start is to surround yourself with healthy food. If you don’t have junk in the house, you won’t eat it. When you are out and about and find yourself in a place selling a lot of junk either leave, or buy a bottle of water and a piece of fruit, if there is any, and leave. Fast.

One more thing. Two, actually. One - Always eat breakfast. If you have to leave the house before having breakfast, eat something first. Two - Pack your own lunch.

Here’s to healthy eating.


The reason to eat in the morning before you leave (you don’t have to call it breakfast) is to reduce the temptation to snack or graze on junk before lunch. it’s a small part of the bigger picture.

Easy things to eat in the morning are:

A medium size piece of fruit - apple, pear, peach, nectarine. Not too ripe. Even a banana if it’s just past green, or
A half cup to a cup of trail mix, or
A high-grain toast with peanut butter. (yeah, this takes a little work)

Avoid so-called ‘breakfast bars’ or ‘breakfast shakes’ unless you closely read the label and determine that it’s got the right amount of fiber, carbs and calories.


I know some people eat only raw foods indefinitely, but then you have to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients and protein, etc.

Eating only raw veggies and fruit and water, I will probably just do it for one day, but perhaps if I think it works well, I may try it one day per week.

Let me know how your detox days go!

heya i was also thinking of doing the maple syrup diet/detox thing.
But atmo i just detox/fast myself for 2 or three days every 2-3 weeks.
I usually just drink water and have maybe vegetable soup an thats it. I’m still on shots and i just make sure i adjust the dosage and check my blood regularly. I like doing it i drop a few pounds and feel refreshed. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Anything I’ve ever read from reputable sources say pretty much the samething - the best ‘detox’ you can give your body is to eat a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, whole grains, unprocessed foods, etc. along with plenty of water.

If you want to truely detox, you need more than a day or two. My daughter is allergic to numbered (man-made) foor dye. You have to be off everything for a couple of weeks. The idea is buy natural ingredients and make everything from scratch. Then after you have eaten this way for 2-3 weeks start adding in things, or in your case go back to normal. In my daughters case she had a bad reaction when we added food dye. All of her emotions became extremely exaggerated. When she was mad, she was hurting people mad. Some of these things have a cummulative effect. A little each day equals a problem. They take so long to leave the system that they build up, this is the case with the dye. If you want to know what is making the kid eating cheetos/m&m’s act wild, guess what.

We kept my daughter off ADD meds for about 5 years doing this diet. Some kids being treated today for ADD/ADHD could be treated by removing man-made products from the diet. Our doctor just laughed when we told him about this. But it works! Even now when she is on meds, we keep her off the food dye. And we can usually tell when she has had some.

saw this report on detoxing recently at

didn’t sounds like a great ideafor anyone