21 Days - Day 3

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  1. 30 mins of DDR. Check.
  2. Less than 1800 calories. Check.
  3. No eating after 7pm. Check.

Yay, me!

Today, I had this weird thing happen. I was on my way to the store at lunch time to grab a veggie tray, and on the drive there, I was thinking about weight loss, and motivation and such… And for the first time in my life, I was all of a sudden okay with losing weight slowly. I mean, naturally, I would prefer it to just disappear, but I can recall numerous other occasions where I would get annoyed, pissed off, depressed, etc., if I was working my ■■■ off to lose weight but ‘only’ lost 1lb. I have come to accept that as a diabetic, there is not much chance that the weight will just fall off. I mean, insulin increases appetite and causes weight gain. So quite frankly, if I can manage to eat healthy, feel healthy and become healthy, I am actually really happy with 1lb/wk. After all, this needs to be a change of lifestyle, not a quick fix diet. So if I’m going to plan on being healthy and eating healthy FOREVER, than I guess that 50weeks really isn’t that long to wait to reach my goal :slight_smile: