24 hour mtb racing any suggestions?

I'll be racing my first solo 24 hour mtb race in Feb. I've done a four man team in the past and seem to have problems with balancing my BG after each lap when I rest and eat (3-4 hour break). Anyone out there done a 24 hour solo and have any suggestions? I'm leaning towards taking it slow and easy and not resting for more than 15-30 minutes each time...


I have raced 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo on a 4 man team. Way to go racing solo. WOW. I would post your question to http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/cyclingdiabetics. I hope you have support for your race, someone to check on you at the exchange tent and hand off more fuel and sugar. When I ride I set my pump for .25 units per hour and bolus for highs or if I eat real food. I wear a blood glucose meter on my arm and make tests during laps. As soon as I stop riding my BS goes up and I bolus to compensate for the fuel still in me. When you stop I would check yourBS very frequently but down -grade any bolus for a high by at least half. Maybe you’re the first T1 to do 24 hour solo?? Post how you did and BS for the race in cyclingdiabetics. Good luck!

Thanks Kent. Unfortunately I’m having to drop out this year. Need surgery on my shoulder. Oh yeah… Didn’t get as much training in as I should have either! But that always seems to be the case.

I think we met at the starting line of Whiskey Offroad last year. You noticed my Team Type 1 jersey.

I’ll be out at 24 Hrs supporting some friends. What’s your four man team name? I’ll be sure to route you on!

Thank again.

Thats to bad
Hope the surgery goes well!
Yea good race, I need to get one of those jerseys.
I have the I ride with diabetes jerseys from the Tour de cure. My team name is Perky Knobs Squishy Grips.
Tour de cure is coming up 3-6-2010.
Do you race the MBAA races?