25 and T1D

hey im fairly new here ive had t1d for 13 years I am from Nebraska I am just looking for anybody who can understand frustrations with t1d and coping and possibly make a friend :slight_smile:

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Hello! You will find a LOT of friends here. My name is Harold and I don’t have T1, but my 2 year old son does and you will see me asking a lot of very basic, sometimes probably sounding very ignorant, questions to the TuD audience because I know, no matter how dumb my question is, they’ll answer me…even IF I figure they’re probably chuckling at me behind the keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife and I started this T1 journey with our son just since this past February and I’ve become obsessed (I’m already …unofficially…OCD), with learning as much as I can …there is so much to know so I must admit, it’s kicking my butt right now…but I’ll get it.

What age were you when you were diagnosed? I’m assuming, if my Math is correct, since you were 12 years old? If that’s the case, you can share some of your wisdom with me that I’m sure my son will want to know when he reaches that age.

Nice to meet you and look forward to learning from you!


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Hello and welcome. I’m 34 and have had Type 1 for almost 25 years (my “diaversary” is in about six weeks). Diabetes can definitely be challenging. Are there any particular issues that you’re having trouble with at the moment? This community has lots of wisdom to offer.


Welcome and go HUSKERS!!


Welcome to TuD! This is an exceptional place for information and support!


Hi there and welcome, you’re in good company! :slight_smile:

I’m a little older than you (34) and have had type 1 for over 30 years now.
I’m sure we share many frustrations but I try to stay as positive as I can, and find that having a community is super helpful in keeping me on track. :+1:


Welcome. You have come to a good place. I have learned and am learning so much from the people on this site. They are also with you on “those days” which we all have. On “those days” I get on the chat line and people there will hang in there with you.


Thanks ! Harold well I’ve have many struggles many tears facing t1d but I makes me stronger!! and I’m still learning I feel you cant go thru this alone you need all the support you can have but… I also have cerebral palsy was born early. so I have my battles but god didn’t give nothing I couldn’t handle just tell your son its going to be okay stay positive!
god bless

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nice to talk to you :slight_smile:

everything!!! lol

heck yes

thank you!

Welcome from a fellow Nebraskan! Go Big Red!
I’m type 1, and I know just how frustrating it can be! If you are in Lincoln, there is a FB page too that just got started. :grinning:


We’re so glad you joined us!!! There are so many wonderful, supportive and inspiring people here! Welcome!!

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thank you ! good to know I’m from Hastings but live in Kennesaw we should talk more sometime :smile:

thank You!

awesome :slight_smile:

Welcome to TuD, @Jpittman! I’m a T1D, a few years ahead of you. I just completed 63 cycles around the sun and 32 with diabetes. Peer support rocks!

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Oh, PLEASE, The Big Diabetes Lie is a big lie! Diabetes, regardless of Type, cannot be “reversed”. It can only be managed. And people with Type 1 will die sooner or later (usually sooner) without insulin. Please do not recommend a book, whose advice to attempt to control diabetes through diet without medication, would lead to death for a large number of people on this Forum. Yes, limiting carbs is an important part of diabetes management, but a great number of folks with Type 2 could eat “perfectly” and will still require medication to manage their diabetes.

. . . and we have seen the ICTM crowd before. This is traditional mainstream snake oil, written by people who put “Dr” in front of their names but reveal little or nothing about their backgrounds.

The review that the link points to was too obviously written by the book’s author(s). It (the review) contains this interesting sentence, among others:

“Good for both diabetic patients and non-patients in case they want to prevent themselves.”

I don’t want to inquire too closely into the question of how one prevents oneself. Might not care for the answer. :laughing:

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