2nd pregnancy! - info about insulin resistance compared to 1st pregnancy, or any other advice wanted!

Hi - I recently took a pregnancy test and found out I'm pregnant again with baby#2. I am only now in my 7th week, and already my insulin dosage has doubled! I am taking the same amount of insulin, already at week 7, as I did toward the end of my last pregnancy! I was wondering if this crazy insulin resistance so early is typical for a 2nd pregnancy. Has it happened to others of you out there? Do you think insulin resistance typically peaks a lot earlier the 2nd time around, or if I will continue to become more and more insulin resistant for nearly the entire pregnancy as I did with my 1st pregnancy?

Also, I was wondering if there are any other significant differences in pregnancy#2 versus #1 to watch out for, or any other suggestions, etc.


Hi SS and congratulations! I am currently 25 weeks with #2 and my insulin resistance seems at about the same level as it did with #1. My A1c is just a little lower now than my first pregnancy. I am approaching my 10 year mark for T1D and my 8th year using a pump.

It'll be interesting to see how my insulin needs re-adjust after birth because the first time around, I was back to 'normal' levels within 5 days and that crash period was really tough- among all of the other stresses going on in those first few days after birth!!!

This time around, doctors have been much more cautious but that is partly due to being 4 years older, having high blood pressure in the last few weeks of my 1st pregnancy, and my water breaking at 35 weeks previously.

Physically my body has changed so much faster than with #1, I've been very surprised.

Best of luck to you throughout this pregnancy!!! Keep us updated!

Congrats on your second pregnancy with diabetes! This is very great news. I am wishing for you a healthy and safe carriage and also a safe delivery! All the best darling.I left some useful info for you below:


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I’m experiencing this with my second pregnancy. I wasn’t diagnosed until 13 weeks last time and then was able to manage with a small amount of Novalog. I’m 18 weeks now and taking more meal time insulin than at the end of my first pregnancy, plus a couple units of NPH at night. For me, I figured it’s a sign my diabetes is progressing, I guess I’ll find out after then babies born.

Hi Tomato,
My first pregnancy I was diagnosed as diabetic at about 6 weeks and started insulin a few weeks after that, end up at about 80 units a day by the end of that pregnancy. End of first pregnancy went back to very low dose of insulin (<< 20 units / day). Second pregnancy I was up to over 100 units / day by the end… but then down to low doses afterwards. That was 6 years ago already and I am still on fairly low doses of insulin (< 30 units / day, though highly variable). Wishing you well.

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