Highs/ early insulin resistance


I’m back with my second pregnancy. I’ll be 7 weeks on Thursday.

This pregnancy is 1000000% different than my first. With my son, I was low from the very beginning and stayed low for most of the first trimester. This time I can’t seem to keep my blood sugar below 200. My last a1c was 6.2 so I generally have been in tight control. Just thinking of food sends me soaring. I’ve been temp basaling to 150% most of the day and correcting on top of that.

I went from using 35-45 units daily to 75-85 units now. This feels like insanity! I’m also changing my sites every other day, walking or getting on the elliptical after every meal (and sometimes before!).

Anyone know why this is happening so soon? I’m terrified to see how much insulin I’ll need in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters at this rate.

Being a male, I have zero experience with pregnancy. I hope I don’t offend by offering some more general suggestions.

First of all, let me congratulate you on you pregnancy and your obvious attention to your blood glucose levels. If you haven’t already done it, I recommend that you start logging all your BGs and inulin doses with dates and times. Exercise and anything else you think affects your glucose would also help with logging in a diary.

I think you will likely find some patterns that will help guide your future insulin doses and timing. A log will help elevate you to a position above the moment to moment BG struggle. It will also help when you consult with your doctor and/or CDE.

Do not be afraid to give your body the insulin it needs. If it needs 2x or 3x your non-pregnant doses then that’s what you need to do, Do you use a CGM? If not, I think it would help you and add to your safety. If you do use a CGM, I would always confirm any glucose level that requires added insulin or glucose.

I think changing your sites every two days is great practice. I also think exercising is a great thing for you.

Use you cell-phone to set any reminders that you need. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll receive some advice from those who are more informed about pregnancy than I am.

Thanks… I’ve been t1 for over 20 years so I know all of that already.

I’m looking for input from women who may have experienced the same thing.

My understanding from a relative who is an OB/Gyn, is that high sugars occur during pregnancy, and there is a question about whether tight control is feasible or even recommended. Perhaps tight control would be different. Seems like a good question to have answered. Have you talked to anyone about that? All good wishes for you and your baby!

Sorry to state the obvious to someone well versed in the subject. I didn’t know your background from your original post. I should have followed my initial instinct to stay out of women’s issues!

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There are lots of posts about pregnancy on here, but I’m not sure if any are very similar to your experience.

This post looks helpful:

Maybe you could reach out to @Arty for other suggestions?

My insulin needs also went up in the first month or two (but only by 10-20%, not as much as you describe) and then dipped in weeks 8-12. I imagine you’re testing for ketones regularly; we’re much more prone to them in pregnancy so that’s something to look out for.

Otherwise I don’t have many suggestions beyond what’s already been said. You’ve already done this once so I’m sure you’ll figure it out even if things are different the second time.

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I had lows at first, so I don’t have any personal experience to share, except that your “2nd pregnancy is totally different from the first” seems to echo what I’ve seen many other T1Ds post online.

Do you know about Jennifer at Integrated Diabetes? She works 1:1 with T1Ds who are pregnant and is amazing. Coaching appointments through Skype.

Hi @Sarah87. I am currently very early in my second pregnancy and I am experiencing the same thing you are! I am taking crazy amounts of insulin and it seems that any little thing will cause it to shoot up. This is the complete opposite of my first pregnancy! I was looking around online to find someone with a similar experience and I am so glad I ran across your post. It made me feel better to know that I am not alone. The highs scare me and I had such an easy time during my pregnancy with my son so I am feeling very anxious. I have been T1D for 31 years so I too know all the tips and tricks. Let me know how things go for you and if your insulin needs drop in the coming weeks.