3/10 cc insulin syringes with 1/2 units

Does anyone else think there is a shortage of these syringes? My insurance, this year through the exchange, has me using CVS. It took 4 weeks to get a partial fill of a 90 day supply and it wasn’t available at the closest CVS.

I have not had a problem getting mine, although it takes a little longer. But it’s probably because it is not a commonly used item so they have to special order it.

I haven’t bought syringes since I started with a pump last April, but the last batch were 0.3cc x6mm Relion syringes from Walmart and they had 1/2 unit markings. OTC they aren’t expensive, like $12/100.

btw, The trick to getting 1/2 units without the marks is to line up the “back” edge of the seal tips with the next higher line.