Syringes (U-100)... HALF units... made by someone?

Do any syringe companies (brand/generic) make U-100 syringes with half unit markings??? Tried google, bing searches but get nothing useful... my local pharmacy does not know 8 O kinda doubt BD would tell me if a competitor made what Im looking for and they did not...

Anybody using a (U 100) syringe that have half unit markings >: D


Pharmacists don't take shots so they don't know these details :-). But they love to tell customers they don't exist!

What you want the pharmacy to order, is BD catalog number 328440. The half-unit markings are available only on the short (8mm) needle 3/10cc syringes.

Also, Relion has 3/10 cc syringes all of which have half unit markings. And because it is Walmart, they are cheap, $12.58/100.

Hello Brian:

Thank you for the information. Any idea what LENGTH the Relion 3/10cc needle is? The half inch is necessary, unfortunately...

You don't need half-unit markings - just do it by eye. I use 3/10 ml (30 unit max) syringes. They are marked only on exact unit measures, but the marks are far enough apart that I can estimate anywhere inbetween and sometimes will especially when doing corrections. Besides exact unit measure I will sometimes go for: "slightly over", "one third", "one half", "two thirds", "slightly under".

This is one reason I prefer syringes over pens. (And they are half inch).

I believe the 29 gauge is available in 1/2 inch length, but please check with Wally World.

Yes, I use Sure Comfort ordered from American Diabetes Wholesale Great service. Inexpensive, no tax & free shipping with a $100 order. Cheaper for me than buying BD with insurance co-pay. I refuse to buy anything at Wal Mart, the evil empire.

I agree completley. On MDI I would often eyeball out a half a unit and it worked quite well.

I use BD U-100 Insulin Syringes 31g 8mm 3/10cc 1/2 unit markings for corrections.They are small, very smooth operating , and easy to handle.

Part No. : 328440 UPC : 382908440011...Walgreen brand is #653532 about 2/3 the price of the BD brand.

Hello Jag:

Understood, much is done by "eyeballing" and best guess... but know how bad all our toys are -brief grimace-, but many believe them anyway... sigh.