30 40 or 50 Year Club?

I’m from Australia if you didn’t know by now.
In a recent edition of the Aust Diab Assn newsletter there was a call for those in the 30 40 or 50 Year Club.
Do we have members of this club at Tudiabetes?

Any pearls of wisdom? Major milestones of understanding with time, say at 10 years, at 20 then 30 years etc.
PS I’ve been to NC CA ATL and HW

am at 13 years into this diabetic life… so not quite there yet I feel like am still learning about diabetes management at times, things change so often that I have to reeducate myself all the time.

I wish you well in
mind body soul and of course spirit !


Hey Michael - I don’t know if a club like this is here at Tudiabetes. I guess I’d be in the 40+ club (sounds like the Mickey Mouse Club ) . I’m celebrating number 43 this year - tho’ I only look 20 - hee! hee! - in my dreams, in my dreams. Pearls of wisdom, hmm, try to have fun while you’re on this big blue marble, try to listen to others, try not to judge, be a good person, and you should have a good life with D.


i agree with c you said
my mother has had T2 for 25 years. best pearl she got (on diagnosis) was control your D in the first 10 years. she has never looked back.
my best friend is a T1 since childhood (about 40 years), and i’ve knowm him about 25 years too.
for him its been a different struugle, and its the highs and lows (of life) that have been a struggle. from what i’ve seen with him, is that family help makes all the difference (mother and sister always helps during the crisis management times etc).
sure ill be your friend (mate !)

I’ve got friends with T1, late in life, and they have alot of difficulties with having D. I feel bad for them as I find D easy to live with, but maybe for me, because of having it so early in life, I don’t know of anyway else to live. Family does make a big difference tho’ in how well D’s do.
BTW, I have a few relatives in Australia. Almost immigrated there myself, but came to Canada instead. Never know, might move again, New Zealand has always intrigued me. Must start to buy lottery tickets to afford plane ticket, etc.

I’ve been familiar with Diabetes from an early age because my father was diagnosed at 40, and he passed away at 64. We all had to play a part in helping him, and watching out for his diet, but I’m not really sure that that entirely counts as my experience because all the info he had is considered by today’s standards outdated, or even misleading. I had to re-read and re-learn a lot of things. Of my own personal life living with the D, I’ve only had about two months experience. lol One thing I learned from whenever my dad experienced lows is that drinking fruit nectar, instead of fruit juice, is more efficient in bringing low BG’s to good and normal levels. Goya sells a variety of these, such as guava nectar, pear nectar, etc.

will hit 51 years with D next month. no complications; no complaints; life is good.

I can do the 30 plus years My only bit of wisdom here is don’t let “d” win! Just keep on trying to get through it! Sometimes it will take you down so that means you just get back up put your gloves on thighter and keep trying!!!

Thankyou all for sharing that with us. We must learn from those before us and before them, to tame the wicked beast !
Lizmari, YES! that does count as ‘EXPERIENCE’. To me having seen what others went through is so so important.
I have said on this site before that education and enlightment is what its all about.
I will go on the record here and go further to say ‘awareness’ is the MOST important. And you Lizmari get an 'A". .
Thanks for that DC. I admire your achievement (focus and prioritization).
Doris, you’re the best. You summarised beating this thing in 4 words !.

How about a 54 dx’ed 1 1/2 years ago. I am in Ca.

Hi Michael , you got me chuckling …a type 2 Diabetes Forum discussion ??? Would be wonderful if type 2 's diagnosed at age 55 would belong to the 50 Year Club …whoopy …everything : exercise , no smoking, healthy eating habits , proper meds , good genes, medical science etc. etc. are paying off :wink: …love to meet one or two of those and learn from them .
And please don’t take me tooooo seriously

Hi nel,
yes I see the funny side too.
a life of denial (?) if one is diagnosed at 55 to make it to 100 (50 year club) with exercise etc ??
My mother was diagnosed at 50 yo and has had it for 25 years.
I saw on televesion the following information:
"one thing that all people who live to 100 have in common…"
wait for it…
yes, low blood sugar!!!
I’m trying to help her alot.
Let’s see if she can do it! ( I mean she knows what she needs to do to live too 100!! (low blood sugar!!).
But I see the funnyside, adult onset diabetes, then changing your lifestyle to a lifestyle of discipline and exercise !