Have you had diabetes for more than 20 years?


If so, then please join the Diabetes Veterans group that I just created here on TuDiabetes.com.

Yesterday (September 10th, 2007) was my 35th anniversary with Type 1 diabetes, and that made me think of those of use who have lived with this disease for at least 20 years.

We’ve probably got lots of fun stories and experiences to share. And maybe some cautionary tales.

Please join this group and show people with less experience that you can actually manage diabetes and live with it for a long time.


Not sure I am happy or sad to be part of this club.


Good idea Bernard - heavens after 45 years I guess I would have to consider my self qualified for this group! The funny thing is - there is still so much I do not understand! But hej, who DOES understand?!