3rd child has elevated A1c

I'm getting worried. My slender, athletic 18 yr old daughter has 2 siblings with T1D. 2 days ago, my 6 year old checked my older daughter's BG and it was elevated. We went to urgent care and her A1c was also elevated. She was diagnosed with pre diabetes. The urgent care doc was telling my daughter to eat better and exercise but she eats well and is already athletic. I am worried that T1D is coming again.

I really can't give you advice as I'm not a parent and I'm the only type 1 in my family, but wow that's something, already two type 1 kid's and possibly another? I have heard that if your sibling has type 1, you might be more likely to have diabetes (but it never says what type? which I doubt is helpful for you right now) But there is good news out of this: If she is a type 1, she'll have two people she knows who can support her through it. Besides parents, I imagine it'd be awesome to have two siblings that could get me through the best and worst of times, especially with diabetes.

I am so sorry you are facing this issue. I was Dx'd at 17 and yes it is a tough row to hoe, no matter how you get there.

I do not mean to give false hop, but i do have a suggestion. As a parent, I would start thinking if there is a large medical center nearby and if so I woudl start asking how to prolong the use of of the bodies own Beta Cells. I am not saying that it will work to help. It may be a blind alley. But if you look around I believe you will see some experimental programs looking for newly diagnosed type 1's to see if the honeymoon can be extended and by how much.

here is the link to the JDRF clinical trail site. This is where I would look. I am not saying this will help you or your daughter, but it will at least give you something to do while you churn about the outcome.

I am a Type 1 but as far as what I've read through the years, pre diabetes is normally associated with Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2's can be slender, as well.
Usually, 2 tests are performed before someone is diagnosed with pre diabetes unless there are definite symptoms of Diabetes. Does she have any symptoms? The Dr. told your Daughter to eat better and to exercise because this will help to keep her glucose level in the normal range. He probably already thought that she did eat well and exercise but just wanted her to keep it up. Type 2 doesn't usually develop for years after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes unless it is Gestational Diabetes, then sometimes.

I must say I am surprised that you have 2 Type 1 Children and may have a Type 2 Child. Although it probably happens, I don't remember hearing of any.

My older Brother was diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes(Type 1) first when he was age 4. My other Brother was diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes(Type 1) when he was age 4. Then I was diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes(Type 1) at age 3. My older Brother's twin Sister still does not have Diabetes thankfully. Our Families knew no one with Diabetes that they were related to by blood. So that was a real sticker for my Parents back then. I was often asked which one of my Parents had Diabetes. "Neither!".

Many years later, one of my first Cousins, 3 Boys also developed,then called Juvenile Diabetes. They were diagnosed at ages 9, 7 and 3.

Anyways, I hope that it is a fluke test. Neither Diabetes is good but it has been proven over and again that glucose levels can be maintained for a good amount of the time and we can have/lead almost normal lives, especially now. I do give Parents(and Spouses) much credit since it is difficult for you People. Bless you and please update us.

I agree with the above that prediabetes would more commonly be linked to T2 Diabetes than it would be with T1, as with T1 you've either got it or you don't. There isn't much grey area.

Something to keep in mind though is that a raised A1C isn't definitive evidence of Diabetes. There are a number of things that can lead to a raised A1C that have absolutely nothing to do with Diabetes, including:

- Certain Deficiencies (Including Iron, Folate, or Vitamin B12)
- Certain Genetic Conditions
- Some Medications

Just things to consider. I'd definitely keep an eye on it, and perhaps have another lab workup done at a later date to see if the results are similar. There is always the possibility of a false positive. :)

Best of luck!

We have an update. My other two daughters' endo asked me to do a morning BG fasting finger stick on my non D daughter. I did and it was 130. He is feeling based on fasting finger stick and A1c that T1DM may be brewing in her. Now I'm getting more worried. He is ordering lab work to help us figure things out. Just to clarify, I am in full and complete denial.

what was your non d daughters a1c?

My niece was diagnosed in April 2013. She was asked if she had celiac because there is a high correlation of type 1's with celiac diagnosis. Type 1 diabetes and celiac have been isolated and found on the same gene. Try implementing a gluten and dairy free diet. Gluten causes inflammation all over the body, is at the core of all autoimmune disorders. Dairy is sugar so it taxes the pancreas and also causes inflammation. Good luck!

My non d daughters a1c 6.1 and 5.7. thank you on the gluten advice.

wow i hope she dose not get tpe 1 diabetes but frome her a1cs i would watch her blood sugar like a hawk prayers for both of you and her